Who did what.

Mr. Krystal

  • Website design/management.
  • Error checking.
  • Prologue and other starting pages.
  • Aquas: Amanda
  • Aquas: Slippy's Resolve
  • Corneria: Decision Time
  • Corneria: Father and Daughter
  • Corneria: General Peppy
  • Corneria: Reunion with Slippy
  • Corneria: The Adventure Begins!
  • Fichina: Former Rivals
  • Sector Y: The Curse of Pigma
  • Solar: The Red-Hot Planet
  • Solar: The Ultimate Weapon
  • Titania: Andross's Legacy
  • Titania: Wolf's Plot
  • Venom: Good-bye, Fox
  • Ending 2: Good-bye, Fox
  • Ending 7: Slippy's Resolve
  • Ending 9: The Curse of Pigma

Nick Zimich

  • Error and consistancy checking.
  • Aquas: Beneath the Waves
  • Aquas: Octoman's Ruse
  • Asteroid Belt: Falco's Decision
  • Asteroid Belt: Missile Attack!
  • Asteroid Belt: The Anglar Emperor
  • Asteroid Belt: The Meteorite Trap
  • Corneria: Lucy and Krystal
  • Fichina: Fog of War
  • Fichina: Oikonny Strikes Back!
  • Katina: Falco to the Fore!
  • Katina: Hold Firm, Katina!
  • Katina: Krystal
  • Sector X: Pigma's Revenge
  • Sector Z: We Meet Again
  • Titania: Dash
  • Titania: The Worm
  • Venom: Dash Makes a Choice
  • Venom: Fox and Krystal
  • Venom: Star Wolf Returns
  • Ending 1: Fox and Krystal
  • Ending 3: The Anglar Emperor
  • Ending 4: Star Wolf Returns
  • Ending 5: Lucy and Krystal
  • Ending 6: Dash Makes a Choice
  • Ending 8: Pigma's Revenge


  • Ripped prolog and ending imagery.

Let the record show that Mr. Zimich did a whole bunch more actual game playing that I did. This project would have been nearly impossible without his help. Several times, each of us had to replay missions already done by the other. I tried to give credit to he who did the mission first during this project.