Corneria: The Adventure Begins!

The first mission! From this mission, you can split into one of sixteen paths. Initially, the team only consists of Fox and ROB, but this will soon change.


  1. « Do some training.
  2. « Dive in!

Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We have entered into orbit around Corneria. Awaiting your instructions.
FOX: What's the situation down there?
ROB: My sensors are picking up multiple enemy contacts.
ROB: The Anglar forces have total control of Corneria.
FOX: Huh. Any other good news to throw my way?
ROB: You will see a time display when you engage an enemy in combat.
ROB: This is your remaining flight time. If it reaches zero, you will run out of fuel.
ROB: And then you will plummet to an unfortunate end. Do be careful.
FOX: Ha! Well, if I get taken out, it's all up to you, ROB.
ROB: You are joking. Ha. Ha. Ha. That is a joke, correct?

In Battle Events


Post Battle Dialog

FOX: Any new information for me, ROB?
ROB: The enemy fighters consist mostly of aluminum.
ROB: They also contain trace amounts of chrome.
FOX: So what does that mean?
ROB: Their ships are impervious to corrosion.
ROB: They can even survive in the caustic Venom Sea.
FOX: I see.
FOX: So their home base is located in the Venom Sea?
FOX: OK! Time to make a plan.
ROB: What is our next destination?
FOX: I want to increase our firepower, but I'm worried about an enemy attack.
FOX: We've gotta do something, and fast. Right now, we're just sitting ducks.


  1. Contact Slippy. »
  2. Contact advance guard. »
  3. Where is Falco? »