When starting any path, this is the first thing you see. Imagery ripped by JiraniS.

Years ago, a scientist named Dr. Andross became obsessed with controlling the Lylat system. He launched wave after wave of attack fighters from the remote planet of Venom and ordered them to strike Planet Corneria--the heart of the Lylat system.

However, four brave pilots who made up a squadron known as Star Fox finally put an end to the doctor's mad ambitions. Andross himself was defeated by the leader of Star Fox, a brilliant pilot named Fox McCloud.

In the time that followed, Venom became known as a quarantine planet. Due to that reputation--and the frequent patrols carried out by members of the Cornerian military--it has been years since anyone set foot on the planet's surface.

But after a period of quiet, Venom struck back with devastating attacks on the Lylat system. Any and all attempts at resistance were brushed aside, and soon all cities came under the grip of this new, terrifying enemy.

The occupiers were known as the Anglars, and operated under the control of the Anglar Emperor. Their headquarters were located in the toxic Venom Sea, a vast ocean so inhospitable that it was believed no living thing could survive there.

The members of Star Fox, the heroic and famous squadron that had come to Lylat's aid in her hour of need, had disbanded. Each pilot was living a new life, and it would prove a difficult task to bring the former team members back together.

Fox McCloud, the team's leader, was wondering the galaxy with his friend ROB, a navigation robot that he inherited after his father's sassing. Fox used this time to tie up a few loose ends and also ponder the course his life had taken.

The Cornerian military hero General Pepper fell ill, and could no longer lead as he once did. He recommended that Peppy Hare, Star Fox team member and father figure to Fox, be promoted and given command of all Cornerian forces.

Brash pilot Falco Lombardi lived as a loner. He drifted from job to job, searching for the same thrill he felt as a member of Star Fox. But his existence was mostly an empty one...something that annoyed him more than he would admit.

The technical brains behind the team, and Fox's closest friend, was the good-natured Slippy Toad. Slippy met and fell in love with a girl named Amanda, and decided to leave the world of flying and start a new life with his beloved fiancee.

Star Wolf, the true rivals of Star Fox, continued to be involved in dirty dealings. Their work soon caught the attention of the Cornerian military, who put a massive bounty on their heads...

And finally, Krystal. The lone female of the group, she had fought beside Fox and fell in love with him--much against her better judgment and professional concern. Her love was returned, however, and the two promised to remain together always.

But Fox was quite wary of the danger that haunted pilots in the elite Star Fox squadron, and he eventually forced Krystal to leave the team. Heartbroken and ashamed, she fled from Fox and vanished soon after. No one knows what became of her...

Now, the past has come to haunt them all. Unwilling or unable to face his former team, Fox has chosen to take on the entire Anglar armada by himself. Can he do it? Will the team put aside their differences and reunite? All Lylat waits for the answers...


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