Ending 7: Slippy's Resolve

Imagery ripped by JiraniS.


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Slippy decided to leave Star Fox behind and make a new life on the beautiful planet of Aquas...with Amanda by his side. There was no indecision or regret on his part. He would live for his family now...

The years passed. Slippy and Amanda had a veritable army of children, and Slippy thought he could never be any happier. His children grew tall and strong in the clean Aquas air, and love to hear stories of how Dad flew with the legendary Star Fox team.

Several decades pass. Slippy is now an old man who loves to recount tales of the good old days for visiting children. When he finishes a yarn, he often thinks of his friends. Do they still cross the galaxy righting wrongs? He can only watch the sky and wonder...