Welcome to Star Fox Command: All The Words, otherwise known as the Star Fox Command Script. Through these pages, you can find the entire script of the game, all nine endings, all sixteen possible routes.

Getting Started

How do you use this resource? You have several options. If you want to follow one of the sixteen possible routes from start to end, you should start at the Prologue page. If you have a specific mission or ending in mind, try the Mission List and Ending List pages, respectively. All of these pages are available on the left navigation menu.

The Prologue, each mission, each ending, and a few additional portions get their own page, with links from the missions/endings before them and links to the next mission or ending.


Imagery Added

July 11, 2008

New, full resolution (ripped from the original source) imagery has been added for the Prolog and all of the Endings. The imagery was ripped by JiraniS, and I have updated the Credits page to reflect that. One typo fixed. I removed the banner about the new address. The old redirecting page has been completely removed. I have mugshots for every character now, so I might add a mode in the future that allows text like "FOX: " to be replaced with an image of his head with his name underneath.

Minor Corrections

December 23, 2006

A few small corrections added to Katina: Falco to the Fore mission. More corrections to come.

Stats Page

October 14, 2006

Added a Stats page about the game's routes and the different ways they can be traversed. I also added the first mission to the navigation column. Finally, I added a few more quotes to the random quote feature, finishing with a total of 81.

Mission Complete!

October 13, 2006

All missions and endings are available now. All pre and post battle dialog can be considered complete (with the exception of possible errors). In battle dialog is sometimes complete, sometimes not. It varies. I added the Random Quote feature to the navigation column. If you have a favorite quote that isn't showing up, let me know and I'll add it. The missing image from the Prologue page has been found and uploaded. I plan on adding a small bit more about each mission tomorrow and add a stats page about all the different routes and endings and such.

Almost Done

October 7, 2006 (Later)

Added several more routes giving us a total of 21 missions, 6 endings, and various other pages. I added a Mission Not Yet Added page to the links to or from missions that aren't here yet, so that you don't get the "File Not Found" error. The game must only be played through three more times to get the rest of the missions and endings. After that, we will check for consistancy and errors, and add special features.

Adding Routes

October 7, 2006

Added two more routes/endings, both recorded by Mr. Nick Zimich. These include the endings 3 and 8.

Site Goes Live

October 6, 2006

Welcome to the Star Fox Command Script Project! It's still in progress. Currently, we only have one route up, the one leading to Ending 7 (The Slippy Ending), but four others are already recorded. It will be a little time before all text is available, so expect missing pages if you make a choice that tries to go to a mission not yet added. To see what is available, check the Mission List and Ending List pages. I did not have a chance to specifically test Internet Explorer before launch, so please use some other browser for now. If there aren't any problems, great! But that almost never happens with IE.