Aquas: Amanda

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Pre Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: This is Slippy! Amanda, please respond!
ROB: Analyzing... It appears that planetary access routes have been overrun.
ROB: The Anglar forces are to blame.
SLIPPY: ROB! We know that already! No time to waste! I'm goin' in!
ROB: Perhaps we should wait for Fox. To allow a chance of success.
SLIPPY: A chance of... What?! WHAT?! Why big hunk of tin!
SLIPPY: That's it! I'm shutting you down!
ROB: I knew this would end in oily tears. Whrrrrrr...
SLIPPY: I can handle this just fine, ROB! I don't need you or Fox or anyone!
SLIPPY: Easy, Slippy, easy... Calm... Phew! OK, ROB, I'm a little calmer now.
SLIPPY: I'll let you keep running... but this is the LAST time you insult me! Got it?!
ROB: Ready and prepped for launch.

In Battle Events

* Amanda appears. *
AMANDA: Slippy!
SLIPPY: Amanda! You made it, darling!

Post Battle Dialog

AMANDA: Slippy! My darling Slippy! You made it!
SLIPPY: Of course I did! It all went according to plan!
AMANDA: Oh, Slippy...
SLIPPY: Amanda...
ROB: Now we must link up with Fox. Processing logical rendezvous point...
AMANDA: Um...Slippy? Why is this big trash can standing here?
ROB: I am not a trash can. I am ROB 64.
ROB: I am programmed in all operations of the Great Fox.
SLIPPY: We know, ROB! Look, can you just...leave? We need some privacy.
ROB: Negative. I must readjust the vector map and tinker with the...whrrrrmmmmmp!
AMANDA: Ah... Much better!
SLIPPY: Holy cow, Amanda! You can't just shut him off like that!
SLIPPY: Now I gotta reboot him and everything.
AMANDA: I'm sorry, Slippy, but I just... Oh, Slippy! I'm never leaving you again!
SLIPPY: No way, Amanda. No way!
SLIPPY: I don't want you to even think about joining this fight!
SLIPPY: And if the fight comes to you, turn and run the other way! Do you understand?
AMANDA: No way, Slippy! I have to be by your side. I'm not going anywhere!
AMANDA: Take me with you!
SLIPPY: Huh-uh! Not happenin'! We're headed toward their main base!
SLIPPY: We're gonna hit 'em hard, and it's gonna be dangerous!
AMANDA: Slippy Toad? I'm coming. End. Of. Discussion!
SLIPPY: ...Ulp! OK, OK! Fine! But PROMISE me you'll back off if it gets too hot!
AMANDA: Oh my little green darling, you won't regret this!
SLIPPY: Right! Now let's go save the planet together!
SLIPPY: C'mon, Amanda!


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