Corneria: General Peppy

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: General! Can you hear me? Please respond!
FOX: Slippy! Search on all channels.
SLIPPY: Roger that!
ROB: All comms are down.
ROB: The enemy has occupied all of the cities in this area.
SLIPPY: I hope Peppy is OK.
FOX: I imagine the enemy has sent for reinforcements and dug in.
ROB: An astute assessment. Take caution in your next move, Fox.
ROB: I will attempt to raise General Peppy.
SLIPPY: Um... Yeah, well... Er...
SLIPPY: Uh... Fox?
ROB: Ready and prepped for attack.
FOX: What's wrong, Slippy? You seem a little...jumpy.
SLIPPY: Sorry, Fox. It's just...I wasn't able to contact Amanda.
FOX: Are you going to be OK? You want to sit this one out?
SLIPPY: No! No, I'm fine. Let's worry about the job at hand.

In Battle Events

* Zazan appears. *
ZAZAN: All those who would dare oppose us! Make yourselves known!
FOX: Huh. I guess that's me.
ZAZAN: I will let you go no further.
* Fight ZaZanga 9. *
SLIPPY: We did it!
FOX: Hmmmm...someone was controlling the forces in this area.
ROB: I have located General Peppy.

Post Battle Dialog

PEPPY: Sorry, Fox! I really made a mess of things.
FOX: The main thing is that you're unhurt, General.
PEPPY: Looks like I'm in need of your help once again.
FOX: Leave it to me.
SLIPPY: Me, too! We'll help you out however we can!
PEPPY: I'm counting on you both. Say, where's Falco?
FOX: We're trying to locate him right now.
FOX: You know what he's like... He'll show up soon.
SLIPPY: Yeah, he likes to wait and make a grand appearance at the last minute.
PEPPY: That's true. I was wondering, though...
PEPPY: What are Krystal's plans?
FOX: Um... I don't think I'll be seeing her again.
SLIPPY: Come on, Fox!
PEPPY: Why don't you just ask for her help?
PEPPY: She's a good pilot. She'd really help us out.
FOX: I know! I know.
PEPPY: I'm not going to say anything more on the subject.
FOX: I was the one who told her to quit this life. I'm sure she hates me now.
SLIPPY: You don't know that, Fox!
PEPPY: Well, we could make quite a list of the things you don't know, Slippy.
SLIPPY: Oh yeah? Well at least I have a girlfriend!!
PEPPY: Slippy, that's the most ridiculous thing--
FOX: It's true. Slippy's fiancee is on Aquas.
PEPPY: Are you serious? My goodness!
SLIPPY: Yeah, see! I'm not a big liar!
PEPPY: Everyone's life seems to have taken a different path.
FOX: The only time we meet up is when there's a fight somewhere.
PEPPY: Ironic, isn't it?
PEPPY: If it wasn't for these conflicts...
PEPPY: I'd never have known about Slippy and his fiancee!
SLIPPY: I wonder if Amanda is OK?
PEPPY: I understand how you feel, but now we need to focus on our strategy!
FOX: And I'm changing the strategy! Let's split up.
FOX: I'm off to meet up with Falco in the asteroid belt.
FOX: And I want you to hunt around Aquas.


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