Corneria: Lucy and Krystal

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: Alert! Alert!
ROB: The Anglar forces are returning to this area.
LUCY: W-w-what did you just say? Oh, and Dad just took off, too!
LUCY: Contact any other units that can respond! We need more firepower!
ROB: The Cornerian forces are not prepared to engage the enemy.
LUCY: How long will it take them to reach launch status?
ROB: I am unable to calculate a precise number, but it will be quite some time.
KRYSTAL: Lucy! Can you hear me?
LUCY: Krystal! You've come to help us out!
KRYSTAL: Let's see what we can do together!
KATT: Pleased to meet you, Lucy! I'm Krystal's partner.
KATT: My name is Katt!
AMANDA: And my name is Amanda! I'm Slippy's fiancee!
AMANDA: Let's wipe these goons out together!
LUCY: I'm Lucy! Thank you so much for your support!

In Battle Events

ROB: Everyone be careful.
LUCY: No worries. We'll all come back in one piece!
AMANDA: Let's do this!
KATT: Let's go!
KRYSTAL: Let's take back Corneria!
* Enemy Pilots Appear. *
ENEMY PILOT 1: We've got a new weapon on the way!
ENEMY PILOT 2: This thing's gonna grind Corneria into dust!
KRYSTAL: S-something's comin'! ?It's a huge assault ship!
LUCY: It's made it into the city! We're in trouble here, ladies!
KATT: We gotta step it up!
AMANDA: OK, let's do this!
* Beat Enemy Pilots. *
LUCY: We did it! We saved Corneria!
KATT: That was too easy!
KRYSTAL: Great work, ladies!

Post Battle Dialog

LUCY: Thank you so much Krystal, Katt, Amanda?
LUCY: If you guys hadn't turned up, who knows what would have happened?
KATT: You're welcome! Heck, it was kind of fun!
KRYSTAL: You know, Katt was Falco's partner some time back.
LUCY: It that true?!
KRYSTAL: And this lady here is Slippy's fiancee!
KRYSTAL: Her name is Amanda.
AMANDA: Nice to meet you, Lucy. It's an honor to make your acquaintance.
LUCY: This is a strange way to meet Slippy's finacee!
LUCY: I never imagined it would happen like this!
KRYSTAL: And Peppy? Where is he?
LUCY: Papa in on his way to Venom with Fox and the team.
KRYSTAL: Ah? I see. That's my fault.
LUCY: No, it's not your fault.
LUCY: Papa just wanted a chance to fly in another Arwing!
ROB: I am receiveing an urgent transmission from Peppy.
PEPPY: Lucy! It's me! We did it!
PEPPY: Fox and me and the guys! We destroyed them all!
PEPPY: I'm coming back right now! Wait for me!
LUCY: Fantastic! You did it, Papa!
AMANDA: That's wonderful news! And it means that my Slippy is OK!
PEPPY: Contact headquarters and tell them the good news!
PEPPY: It's time for us to declare victory!
LUCY: Roger that, Papa!
KATT: When they all get back here, they're going to get the shock of their lives!
KATT: Imagine seeing us all here!
AMANDA: You know, Krystal, you should settle your differences with Fox.
AMANDA: The two of you belong together.
LUCY: Oh, I'm so happy!
LUCY: Papa was so worries about all of you!
KRYSTAL: Thank you, Lucy.
KATT: I don't know what's wrong with me! Maybe I'm hungry?
LUCY: Hey! When everyone gets back, let's all make a huge feast!
LUCY: It'll be a welcome home party for all of us!


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