Corneria: Father and Daughter

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: Analyzing makeup of planetary urban areas...
ROB: All cities are under enemy occupation.
LUCY: I'll show 'em what I'm made of!
LUCY: I've got to help Papa!
LUCY: Oh, Papa. I hope you are safe!
ROB: I have acquired missiles.
ROB: In this way, the Great Fox can provide covering fire.
LUCY: Thanks, ROB!
ROB: Not at all. Anything for you. Mrrr...ignore that last part, please.
LUCY: Eh? What did you say? Ah, never mind!
LUCY: Prepare for launch!

In Battle Events


Post Battle Dialog

LUCY: Papa!!
PEPPY: Lucy! That was reckless of you!
LUCY: I'm sorry, but I was so worried about you!
PEPPY:! Thank you, Lucy.
PEPPY: It's a good thing to have such a brave daughter!
PEPPY: You make me proud.
LUCY: Mama was looking out for me. I'm sure of it.
PEPPY: If Vivian was alive today, I wonder she'd say about all this...
PEPPY: She'd probably blame me for everything.
PEPPY: And you'd probably agree with her!
LUCY: Ha ha! I'm sure you're right! But you know what? I love my big, brave Papa!
PEPPY: Erm...well...I... I can't stand here all day doing nothing!
PEPPY: I have important news!
PEPPY: I need to find Fox and his crew immediately.
LUCY: I'll go!
PEPPY: No, Lucy, I need to go. I'll be heading for Titania, and it's dangerous.
PEPPY: This is something I have to do on my own.
PEPPY: ROB! Send a message to Fox and the team!
PEPPY: Tell them to meet up with me at Titania!
ROB: Roger.
PEPPY: Lucy, I need you to stay here.
LUCY: But...
PEPPY: Your job is to protect our home! Understood?
LUCY: I understand, Papa. Be careful out there!


  1. Head for Titania. »
  2. Say farewell to Peppy. »