Ending 3: The Anglar Emperor

This is the default ending. You must see this ending before being allowed to try alternative paths. Imagery ripped by JiraniS.


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The members of Star Fox had reunited once more! Again they put differences to one side and took the fight to the enemy. And when the dust cleared, peace had once again returned to Lylat. Yet Fox is still troubled by complicated feelings...

Months pass. One dark day Krystal makes a startling confession: "I'm sorry, Fox! I can't do this anymore. I'm going back to be with Panther and the rest of Star Wolf." Fox was overcome with grief and begged Krystal to stay... but her mind was set.

Once again, Fox McCloud was forced to wander the world alone...and unloved. But Krystal has no such regrets. She is perhaps the toughest of all the pilots, and she proves it by starting a new life in the elite Star Wolf squadron...

Key of Destiny

After receiving this ending, the first time completing the game, a message appears that presents the Key of Destiny to the player. This allows alternate paths to be taken. Imagery ripped by Jimaki.

The key of destiny is in your hands, but the road to the future contains many paths. The fate of Fox and his companions has been entrusted to you...