Asteroid Belt: The Emperor Anglar

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« Sector Z: We Meet Again

Pre Battle Dialog

ZAZAN: Emperor Anglar, sir?
ZAZAN: Shall we continue on to Corneria?
EMPEROR: Not yet, Zazan. Let us rendezvous with the other units first.
EMPEROR: We are patient. Let those fools sweat for a little while longer.
ZAZAN: But sir, if I may speak?
ZAZAN: Our entire unit in Sector Z has been wiped out!
ZAZAN: We believe Star Fox and his companions are the ones responsible.
EMPEROR: It is of no matter. Let us prepare a greeting for our new friend.
ZAZAN: Yes, my emperor!

FOX: Listen up, everyone! We're going to bring the fight to the enemy!
FOX: It's time to settle this once and for all!
FOX: This is all-out war! Fly safe and watch your backs.
FOX: If things get too hairy, we fall back and regroup. Understood?
FALCO: Fall back?! Bah! That's not how I like to do things!
SLIPPY: Stick around, ya Anglar worms! We're comin' for ya!
FOX: Krystal... Don't try to take on more than you have to.
FOX: We're clear on that, right?
KRYSTAL: Fox, listen. I think--
ROB: All ships prepped and ready for launch.
FOX: Team Star Fox... attack!

In Battle Events

* Anglar Emperor appears. *
EMPEROR: No forgiveness! No mercy! I will fight you to the death!
FOX: We did it! We defeated the Anglar forces!
FALCO: Whoo-hooo! I knew we could do it! Take that, bait-breath!
SLIPPY: It was a but hairy at times, but we made it through!
KRYSTAL: The most important thing is that we all made it back alive.
ROB: I have picked up Star Wolf on radar.

Post Battle Dialog

FOX: Wolf!
WOLF: Now you've gone and stolen my prey, Fox...
WOLF: How is it you always manage to swoop in and spoil things?
WOLF: We needed this one! But you wet-nosed welps had to ruin it all!
FALCO: Ah, quit your whining, fuzzy!
FALCO: We'll make sure that the bounty's taken off your heads.
KRYSTAL: Wolf! Panther! Leon! Thank goodness you're not hurt!
WOLF: It was a barrel of laughs, princess!
WOLF: Although I think the old Panther's feeling a bit heartbroken!
PANTHER: It was a pleasure for Panther, too, darling! Your feelings...
PANTHER: Panther understood them, but...
KRYSTAL: Panther! I...
PANTHER: Panther does not believe you were using him!
LEON: Har! Then what were you crying about earlier, eh, loverboy?
WOLF: We'll meet again, Star Fox!
PANTHER: Farewell, my sweet Krystal.
PANTHER: You will return to us one day. This... Panther believes!
KRYSTAL: Yeah. Sorry about all that.
FOX: Um...
SLIPPY: It looks like Star Wolf has really mellowed out!
SLIPPY: That's nice to see!
FALCO: Yeah, that's Krystal's doing right there!
FOX: I think you're right.
KRYSTAL: Thanks. All of you.
ROB: We are receiving a communication from General Peppy.
PEPPY: Fox! Great job!
PEPPY: As a former Star Fox member myself, I am so proud right now!
FOX: As much as I would love to take all the credit, General, I can't.
FOX: This battle was fought on behalf on peace-loving people everywhere.
FOX: They gave us the strength to fight.
FOX: We owe our victory to them!
PEPPY: Hmmm... I see.
SLIPPY: That means that peace has returned to this galaxy! Yay!
FALCO: Well, I guess that's a good thing.
FALCO: Although I'm gonna be bored out of my skull!
FOX: If you will excuse us, General, we'll take our leave.
PEPPY: Wait! Let me say one more thing.
PEPPY: You are a great leader, Fox McCloud.
PEPPY: Perhaps ever better than your father!
PEPPY: You've really grown up, and I'm extremely proud. That's all I have to say.
FOX: Th-thanks, Peppy.
PEPPY: Falco! Slippy!
PEPPY: This unit only works because of you!
PEPPY: I hope Fox can count on you in the future!
FALCO: Psh! I know that, old-timer!
FALCO: You don't have to spell it out for me!
SLIPPY: You hang in there, Peppy!
PEPPY: And Krystal? Thank you for coming back.
PEPPY: If anything happens, you can always count on me.
KRYSTAL: Thank you, Peppy.
ROB: Great Fox ready for launch.
FOX: ROB! Come about and take us through the access route!
SLIPPY: Yeah, baby!
FOX: Team Star Fox...launch!


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