Ending 8: Pigma's Revenge

Imagery ripped by JiraniS.


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Falco is consumed with rage. If all had gone to plan, he, Fox, and all the rest would be heroes writ upon a galactic stage, reveling in endless retellings of their victory, Instead, fate has seen fit to ostracize Falco from the Star Fox squardon.

And then, just when things were bleakest, Falco got a message from Katt Monroe. "Forget those losers! Grab a couple of friends and form a new squad!" Falco was usually too stubborn to heed advice, but this message came at the right time.

Falco took Katt up on her offer, and they hunting for a third pilot, eventually they found their man--an elite Cornerian pilot named Dash! Together the three of them formed Star Falco, a unit that rivaled even Star Fox!