Sector X: Pigma's Revenge

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: I have detected an unknown craft in Sector X.
ROB: It is approaching us.
FALCO: Can you hail them?
ROB: Comm link open. Selecting a channel now...
PIGMA: Hrfff... Hrrrrffff... Lookie here... Team Suck Fox...
FALCO: I know that voice.
PIGMA: ...Found you at last...
PIGMA: Don't tell me you... Forgot me...
FALCO: That's not possible. Now way! PIGMA?!
PIGMA: Hrrfff hrrrfff hrrrfff! Finally chance for... revenge...
PIGMA: I will... destroy you all!
FALCO: You can't be here. You're DEAD! You joined with the Aparoids!
FALCO: And even then we kicked your sorry butt across the galaxy!
PIGMA: ...Thanks to you...I exist... as you now see me...
PIGMA: ...No forgiveness!
FALCO: I think Star Wolf is around here somewhere.
FALCO: You want to wheeze out some threats against then, too?
PIGMA: ...They were...allies once... I will... leave them be...
PIGMA: talk... Now you die... little birdy...
FALCO: All right, piggy, you asked for it! I'm gona make you even MORE ugly!

In Battle Events

* Katt arrives on the battlefield. *
KATT: I can't just stand by and watch from the sidelines, Falco!
FALCO: Back again, eh? This place is crawlin' with goons, so watch out!
* Pigma appears. *
PIGMA: You did well... to get this far...
FALCO: I don't need praise from a cardboard box!
PIGMA: Box? You arrogant... hrrfff...bird...
KATT: My lasers will burn you up!
PIGMA: Nnnoooooooo...
FALCO: Katt! You always seem to be in the right place!
KATT: Yeah, I do, don't I?

Post Battle Dialog

FALCO: So long, piggy! When you get to the afterlife, tell 'em Falco sent you!
ROB: We are recieveing a message from Fox.
FALCO: Fox? About time! Where is the rascal?
ROB: Sector A-5. In the asteroid belt.
FALCO: OK! Full speed ahead!
ROB: I recommend listening to the message before departure.
FOX: Falco! Hey, buddy! I hope you get this before you go flyin' off!
FOX: Krystal and Star Wolf helped us wipe out the Anglar forces!
FOX: doesn't look like we're going to need you this time around.
FALCO: ...What?
FOX: There's a limit to how late even YOU can be.
FOX: But I want you to come to Aquas regardless.
FALCO: What did he say?
ROB: Allow me to summarize.
ROB: Fox and his companions have already eliminated the Anglar forces.
FOX: Oh, hey! And I've got one more surprise for you...
FOX: We're going to have a wedding! Slippy's getting married!
FOX: The little lady is on Aquas right now!
FALCO: ...There's gona be a wedding, too?
SLIPPY: Falco! Can you see me? Hi, Falco! I'm getting married! Yippee!
SLIPPY: We're having a huge party, and we REALLY want you to be there!
SLIPPY: Fox and Krystal are gonna be there, too! They made up and everything!
SLIPPY: What a way to end our adventures together, eh?
FALCO: ...Yeah, what an ending... A bug, lame, Falco-less ending...
ROB: Setting a course for Aquas.
FALCO: ...
ROB: Setting a course for Aquas? Sir?
ROB: Yes?
FALCO: I don't know if I can show my face after all this...
FALCO: I mean... they won. Without me. If I'm not flying, what good am I?
ROB: You are in this situation because you fail to follow my advice.
FALCO: Shut it, buckethead! I oughta turn you into a waffle iron!


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