Katina: Falco to the Fore!

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: It appears that the city has been occupied.
ROB: It has been overrun by Anglar forces.
FALCO: Huh! So this dump has fallen, too?
FALCO: Those Cornerian forces aren't good for much, are they?!
ROB: We should link up with Fox.
ROB: Suggest making that our top priority.
FALCO: Yeah, yeah, I know!
FALCO: But since we're here, we might as well take a quick peek!
ROB: Is flying solo advisable?
FALCO: How many years have you known me, rust bucket? I live for this stuff.
FALCO: 'Course, I can't believe all the times I've done this stuff for free!
FALCO: Keep this up and I'll be a softie just like Fox! Cryin' about ladies and whatnot...
ROB: As you say. We are prepped and ready for launch.
FALCO: Finally! Let's go!

In Battle Events

ROB: Perhaps you can track down a missile.
ROB: Then I could provide you with some cover. See, the Great Fox--
FALCO: I already know that stuff, ROB! Quit tellin' me this basic stuff!
FALCO: I'm going to send these varmints cryin' home to mama!

* Bill arrives on the battlefield. *
BILL: This is Bill with the Cornerian forces. Thanks for yer help!
FALCO: Bill! Still alive and kicking, huh? I'm on my own today, but...
BILL: Much obliged, Falco! I reckon yer just what the doc ordered!
BILL: I gotta admit, I didn't expect to see you!
FALCO: Phew! That was close!
BILL: Sorry to fight and run fellers, but I gotta spilt!
BILL: I'll see y'all again soon! Take care now!
FALCO: You too, Bill!

Post Battle Dialog

ROB: I have intercepted a transmission. It appears to be from team Star Wolf.
FALCO: Yeah, I really kicked some tail out there... Huh? What? Did you say something?
ROB: I have located Krystal.
ROB: She appears to be a part of team Star Wolf.
FALCO: Yak yak yak! What are you blabbering about now?!
FALCO: I just flew a solo mission and took out, like, five thousand guys!
FALCO: I come back a triumphant hero, and all you talk about is some transmission?!
ROB: Whrrr... Yes. Well done. ...I will play the transmission now.
WOLF: Enough chatter! We're flying through Sector X and that's final!
WOLF: It's the quickest way to Venom. When we get there, we wipe 'em out!
LEON: Whaaaa ha ha haa! Time for killin'! I haven't been this excited in a long time!
PANTHER: Maybe we should think it over. After all, there is a beautiful lady present.
PANTHER: She is a delicate, fragile creature! We cannot just plunge into danger!
KRYSTAL: Stuff it, Panther. Wolf, fly where you want. I just want to get going.
FALCO: ...Oh, crud.
ROB: That looked like Krystal.
FALCO: Yeah, it sure did. I wonder if it WAS her. She seemes so... cold!
FALCO: Right! Enough ruminating! Let's follow 'em and find out!


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