Asteroid Belt: Falco's Decision

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We have arrived at the asteroid belt in Sector A-3.
FALCO: Do you have a visual on Star Wolf?
ROB: It appears they have left this sector. Likely destination...
ROB: Sector X.
FALCO: Darn! We were too late.
ROB: I have plotted Fox's current location.
ROB: He appears to be heading for Aquas.
ROB: Shall we change course for Aquas?
FALCO: Not yet. Let's take care of the scum right here first.
FALCO: We can take off once we're done.
ROB: Affirmative.

In Battle Events

* Katt arrives on the battlefield. *
KATT:I've come to help, Falco!
FALCO: Thanks, Katt! I could use a hand here.
KATT: Check out my Arc Shot!
FALCO: Thanks, Kat!
FALCO: Although I would have been just fine on my own.
KATT: ...I come all this way to help, and that's what you say?
KATT: You're an idiot, Falco. I'm never helping you again.

Post Battle Dialog

FALCO: Phew! Those guys were good.
ROB: We should rendezvous with Fox at the access point.
FALCO: What? Hey, tin man, who do you think you are? No one gives ME orders!
ROB: Merely a suggestion. And a wise one.
FALCO: I don't like this one bit. I'm gettin' worried about Krystal...
ROB: What are you planning?


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