Right after the Prologue, this sequence introduces you to the situation and gives you a chance to do some training.


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ROB: The cities of Corneria are coming under attack.
ROB: The Anglar forces are responsible.
FOX: Those guys don't know when to give up!
FOX: ROB, set a course for Corneria!
ROB: Understood.
FOX: How long will it take to reach our destination?
ROB: I am still processing that information. But it will be some time.
ROB: I will now instruct you on engaging the Anglar forces in combat.
ROB: The Anglar forces use a hive mind. One unit with a core controls many ships.
ROB: If you can find and disable cores, other ships in the unit will be neutralized.
ROB: Destroy enemies to find their cores, then fly over them to collect them.
ROB: Doing so will increase your combat superiority over the enemy.
FOX: So let me see if I've got this straight. I pick out a target...
FOX: then I destroy it and collect a core if it has one.
FOX: And if I do all that, good thing happen! Do I have the gist of it?
ROB: Yes. Also, let me tell you about your Arwing's rolling ability.
ROB: When you roll, you create a localized magnetic field.
ROB: This field can be used to attract cores and other vital pickups.
FOX: That's great, ROB!
FOX: Rolling helps me avoid enemy fire AND lets me grab stuff!
FOX: Now you're talkin' my language!
ROB: Yes. Rolling is a very important skill.
ROB: You will use it many times during combat.
FOX: Gotcha.
ROB: This is your first taste of combat in quite a while. May I set up some training?
ROB: I await your decision.


  1. Do some training. »
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