If you choose to do some training.


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FOX: There are no second chances on the battlefield, ROB!
FOX: So give me everything you've got!
ROB: Affirmative.
ROB: There are multiple training programs available.
ROB: First, we will cover how to control your ship in a combat situation.
ROB: There you will learn the basics of dogfighting and general airborne warfare.
FOX: Sounds like fun!

Do zero or more training missions.

ROB: You did well.
ROB: You have not lost a step.
FOX: Whew! That was quite the workout.
ROB: This is the end of the training program.
ROB: You have nothing further to learn.
FOX: Will we be arriving at Corneria soon?
ROB: Yes. We should enter the combat zone within the hour.
FOX: Looks like we're going to be busy!


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