Sector Y: The Curse of Pigma

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: ROB! Are you still tracking Wolf?
ROB: He definitely passed through this area.
FALCO: Fox! Come have a look at this!
FALCO: Something's headed this way.
FOX: ROB, try to raise it on the comm channel.
ROB: All channels open. Hailing now.
PIGMA: Hrrrffff... HRRRRFFFF... Been...a long time... Foooooxxxx...
FALCO: Wha? Who the heck is this? I can't understand you with all that wheezing!
FOX: Wait, I know that voice... but it's not possible...
PIGMA: HRRRRFFF HRRF HRRF HRRF! It's me...Piiiigma... Did you...forget me?
FALCO: There's nothin' to forget! The Aparoids turned you into a tasty ham!
FALCO: And then we went and kicked your butt anyway!
PIGMA: I am...hrrffff...strong. I...survived...
PIGMA: And I am...hrrrrrfffff... Still...hrrfff...beautiful...
FOX: Pigma, we don't have time for this right now!
FOX: We're chasing Wolf, not you.
PIGMA: Hrrrfff hrrff hrrffff! Wolf is...old friend... ally!
PIGMA: Bringing you to me was... hrrrrrrrrfffff... part of the deal...
FALCO: What?! Ah, nuts! It's a trap! And we walked into it like a buncha rookies!
PIGMA: Yeeeeeesss... And now... I unleash my...frustration... Hrrrfff...on you...
PIGMA: I willl...hrrrrrffff... Enjoy it...
FOX: If that's what you want, Pigma, you got it! Prep me for launch!

In Battle Events

* Pigma appears. *
PIGMA: At last\ chance has arrived...
PIGMA: Now I will show you... ...hrrrfff...all my glory Behold...Neo Pigma!
FALCO: Ha! We'll never lose to a breakfast side dish like you!
PIGMA: ...Hhrrrrrffffff... Charming.
FOX: This is our last dance, Pigma!
* Beat Pigma. *
PIGMA: So how it ends... For me... Hhhhrrrff... Hhhhrhrrrrfffffff...
FOX: That's it, Pigma. You're nothing but space garbage now!
FALCO: Good riddance, bacon boy!

Post Battle Dialog

FALCO: Wow, I can't believe he was just hanging out here this whole time. How boring!
FOX: ROB? Any information on Wolf?
ROB: I am receiving a message from General Peppy.
ROB: It was broadcast to all inhabited worlds in the Lylat system.
ROB: Shall I play it?
FOX: Please.
PEPPY: This is General Peppy Hare of Corneria!
PEPPY: As of this moment, I am announcing out total and complete victory!
PEPPY: A brave fighter squadron managed to penetrate the Venom Sea!
PEPPY: These heroes wiped out all of the enemy ships and bases!
FOX: That's...that's incredible!
PEPPY: To help mark the occasion of this most glorious of days...
PEPPY: I have asked the heroic squadron leader to say a few words!
WOLF: Good people of the Lylat system... My name is Wolf O'Donnell.
WOLF: I am the leader of the Star Wolf squadron!
FALCO: HIM?! Oh, you've gotta be KIDDING me!!!
WOLF: We know that many of you have a somewhat negative opinion of us.
WOLF: This saddens us greatly, for we love all the people of this great system.
WOLF: But we placed our lives in peril with no thought of reward or glory.
WOLF: Perhaps now, you might find it in your hearts to embrace us as equals.
WOLF: For even the coldest of hearts sometimes yearns for friendship.
LEON: Yeah! And we're not done with the whole peace and love thing, either!
LEON: We'll keep serving the community! Y'know... aiding weaklings and stuff?
PANTHER: And now, Panther would like to introduce a new team member!
PANTHER: We could not have saved you all without her help!
PANTHER: A former Star Fox member, and the most beautiful pilot outside of me...
PANTHER: Krystal!
FOX: ...Crud.
KRYSTAL: Some time ago I was asked to leave team Star Fox.
KRYSTAL: I thought that pain would never end. But now I have a new team! And a new life...
KRYSTAL: And I couldn't be happier with my fantastic new partners!
KRYSTAL: From now on, I fight with them for the glory of Lylat!
KRYSTAL: With our help, this system will know endless peace and harmony!
FALCO: What a total snow job! They don't care about any of that stuff!
FALCO: They get glory and we get the bum's rush! Pah! I'm gonna puke!
FOX: ...Say, Falco? There's a... a nice little shop on the planet of Papetoon.
FOX: It's quiet. Relaxed. Away from everything and everyone.
FALCO: Papetoon, eh? Yeah, that's pretty much the edge of everything right there.
FOX: wanna go with me?
FALCO: ...Sure, buddy. Let's go.
FOX: ROB, set course for Papetoon.
FOX: And don't spare the horses.
ROB: Affirmative.


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