Titania: Wolf's Plot

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We have arrived at Titania.
FOX: Well, I hope Slippy's info was right!
FOX: If so, there should be some kind of clue here.
FALCO: Whoa, Fox! Check it out! These ruins are creepy!
WOLF: It's the kind of place Andross would love.
FOX: We won't learn anything standing around. Let's start exploring!

In Battle Events

* Killer Bee appears. *
ANDROSS: I am the ghost of Andross.
ANDROSS: I protect this place with my bioweapon!
FALCO: No way... Did I just hear ANDROSS?!
WOLF: Um, fellas? Something really large is coming right toward us...
FOX: Look out!
* Beat Killer Bee. *
WOLF: Great! We have the device!
FALCO: They were protecting it! Buncha greedy so-and-sos!
FOX: I wonder what this thing does?

Post Battle Dialog

ROB: Wolf's ship still has not returned.
FOX: Wolf! Get back here! We need to analyze that device!
WOLF: Forget your analyzing, flyboy. I already know what it is.
WOLF: This thing neutralizes the acidity of the Venom Sea.
FALCO: What in the...how do YOU know that, furball?
WOLF: Don't you see what this means?
WOLF: With this device, someone can penetrate the sea and strike the Anglar HQ!
ROB: Wolf's ship is moving away from our position.
FALCO: Looks like he was using us all along, Fox.
FOX: He was after that device the whole time...
WOLF: Hey! Be quiet! I haven't finished telling my story yet!
WOLF: ANYWAY, Andross wanted to make Venom a lush, green planet.
WOLF: I think he wanted a place where his grandkids could grow up, ya know?
WOLF: Anyway, that's why he needed this thing!
WOLF: So he could neutralize those oceans.
FOX: OK, I follow. So let's take it and wipe out the Anglar forces together!
WOLF: Heh heh... Sorry, Fox, but I've got a crew of my own.
WOLF: It's our turn to play the heroes and clear our names once and for all.
FOX: Wait! Wolf!
FALCO: No! Bad wolf! Sit! Stay!
WOLF: If you've got a message for Krystal, I'll deliver it!
WOLF: This was her plan after all!
FOX: That's not... It can't be!
ROB: I believe I can accurately forecast Wolf's destination.
ROB: In all probability he is heading for Venom via Sector Y.
FOX: Blast! We were fools to have ever trusted him!


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