Venom: Dash Makes a Choice

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Pre Battle Dialog

ZAKO: My liege! We're in big trouble!
ZAKO: The acidity of the ocean has been neutralized!
EMPEROR: Don't flinch. Don't retreat. Don't even THINK of losing your cool.
EMPEROR: Let them come. Here is where we shall make our final stand.
ZAKO: Um... OK.
EMPEROR: Shhhhaaaa ha haaa. These pilots are either very brave or very stupid.
EMPEROR: Let us give them a warm Anglarian welcome!
ZAKO: We are battle ready!
ROB: The Venom Sea has been neutralized. We can begin the attack immediately.
ROB: Standing by for your order.
FOX: OK, everyone! All set?
DASH: Yessir!
FALCO: Let's do this!
FOX: All right! Let's go!

In Battle Events

DASH: The neutralized sea... Look how it sparkles!
FALCO: We don't have time to enjoy the view, kid!
FOX: Here they come!
* James arrives. *
JAMES: ...
FOX: Dad?
DASH: Is something wrong?
FALCO: Fox! you seein' things or what? There's no one there!
FOX: It's... no. It's nothing.
* Anglar Emperor arrives. *
EMPEROR: I've got a reward for you for making it this far.
EMPEROR: It's a special prize called DEATH! Haaaa ha ha ha haaaaaa!
FALCO: They're here!
FOX: Well, they can come, but we won't let 'em leave!
DASH: Roger!
FOX: The Anglar forces are totally destroyed!
FALCO: That was a little hairy at the end, eh, Fox?
DASH: I'm just glad that everyone made it out alive.
JAMES: ...Well done...

Post Battle Dialog

FOX: We did it!
FALCO: Ha! You were great, kid!
DASH: Thank you very much, sir!
FOX: We've had a lot of help this time, haven't we?
FALCO: Ha! It's a change, that's for sure!
FOX: The important this is that everyone's safe. Now let's make for Corneria.
DASH: Mr. McCloud?
FOX: What is it?
DASH: I'm going to stay on Venom.
FOX: Are you sure?
DASH: My grandfather gave the planet a new life.
DASH: I think we own it to him to see it protected.
FOX: Dash, listen. I'm the man that killed your grandfather. I should--
DASH: I know, Mr. McCloud. I've always know that.
DASH: But you're not a bad guy. You don't need to apologize to me.
DASH: In fact, it's me that should apologize.
FOX: Dash, you had nothing to do with my father's death.
FALCO: That's right, Dash. There's no reason for you to feel guilty!
DASH: Mr. McCloud... Mr. Lombardi...
DASH: Thanks for everything!
FALCO: Aw, get outta here, kid. And take care of yourself!
FOX: We'll keep an eye on this new Venom of yours.
FOX: You let us know if you ever need a hand with anything.
DASH: I'm going to give it my all, sirs! Good-bye!


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