Titania: Dash

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Pre Battle Dialog

FALCO: Dang! I'm glad to see that fool turn tail and run!
FOX: He helped us out when we needed it.
FALCO: Yeah, but he sure left in a hurry!
FOX: Who knows what he's thinking.
FOX: Maybe he just missed his friends.
ROB: I have a visual on a pilot.
ROB: He has arrived from Corneria.
FOX: Patch me through!
DASH: This is Dash Bowman of the Cornerian forces!
FOX: Fox McCloud, here. Say, I know you...
FALCO: Holy feathers! You're just a little kid! Who let you in the cockpit?!
DASH: Mr. McCloud is it? Pleased to make your acquaintance.
DASH: I'm Dash.
FOX: Thanks for helping us out back there.
FOX: What's the situation?
DASH: There's unauthorized movement in my patrol sector.
FOX: We'll check it out with you. Don't do anything stupid, all right?
DASH: Roger that! Thanks, Mr. McCloud!

In Battle Events

FOX: It must be Andross's device...
FALCO: Yeah! Why else would so many enemy ships be buzzin' around?!
DASH: Mr. McCloud! Let's go!
FOX: OK, we're going in! Watch my back!
* Andross appears. *
ANDROSS: I am the ghost of Andross...
ANDROSS: I protect this place with my bioweapon!
FOX: That sounds like Andross...
DASH: Oh...
FALCO: Wh... What is that huge thing?!
FOX: So this is Andross's device...
FALCO: They were protecting it!
DASH: Well, at least we have it now!
FOX: Now we just have to figure out what it does.

Post Battle Dialog

DASH: Fox McCloud! And Falco Lombardi! Oh, it's an honor to meet you both!
DASH: And a privilege to come to your aid!
FALCO: Hey, hey, hey! Watch it, kid! I don't need help from some snotty brat!
FOX: Help me understand something, Dash.
FOX: Why did Peppy send you to Titania?
FALCO: Yeah! You should be home playing with a toy or... whatever it is kids do.
DASH: I volunteered!
FOX: You volunteered? For this crazy mission? Alone?
DASH: My grandpa made this device.
DASH: i just wanted a chance to see it with my own eyes!
FOX: Your... grandpa?
FALCO: Wait. You're Andross's grandkid? ...That's it, Fox. Let's blast him.
DASH: Yes, that's correct.
FOX: I didn't know Andross had any grandchildren.
FOX: Do you know anything about this machine?
DASH: Um...
FALCO: Kid! If you want this to go well for you, you better spill it!
DASH: This apparatus neutralizes the toxic effects of the Venom Sea.
DASH: It was invented to help the planet.
DASH: My grandpa wanted it to be green and pleasant, just like Corneria!
FOX: This is unbelievable!
FOX: Andross builds this amazing machine, and his grandson tracks it down!
FALCO: Andross always was smart. Pain in the tail feathers, but smart.
FOX: But wait. I don't get it.
FOX: Why are the Anglar forces so frightened by this machine?
DASH: As you know, the Venom Sea is incredibly acidic.
DASH: Our current generation of fighters can't penetrate its waters,
FALCO: Ho ho! I get it! With this new doohickey, our ships can withstand the acid!
FALCO: And that means we can finally explore Venom!
FOX: So, Dash? Does this mean you're going to help us?
FOX: We could use the extra hand.
DASH: Yes! Of course I will! Well, under one condition...
FALCO: Oh, settin' conditions now, kid? Whattya want? A big lollipop? Some crayons?
DASH: No! I want to be trained by you!
DASH: I want training from the greats! Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi!


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