Venom: Fox and Krystal

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Pre Battle Dialog

ZAZAN: Yes, Your Excellency?
EMPEROR: ...They are coming.
ZAZAN: Do not concern yourself, Excellency!
ZAZAN: They cannot possibly make it this far.
ZAZAN: Unless, of course, they manage to find The Device.
EMPEROR: I feel both anger and fear. It is unusual.
EMPEROR: It has been so long since I felt these things... Fascinating.
EMPEROR: Prehaps our Creator's oldest enemy has come home at last.
EMPEROR: Don't get careless, Zazan! Everything depends on this.
ZAZAN: Yes, Your Excellency!
FOX: We're entering the Venom Sea now. Don't get careless on me!
FOX: Watch your ships for any sign of corrosion.
FOX: You see anything, I want you to head for the surface right away!
FALCO: I'm on it!
SLIPPY: Yessir!
KRYSTAL: And what should I do?
FOX: You've done your part. You can stay here or go back to Panther.
FOX: I don't care.
KRYSTAL: ...Tell me you didn't just say that.
SLIPPY: Fox! That was an awful thing to say!
FALCO: Slippy? That's not your concern. Worry about the guys trying to kill you.
KRYSTAL: I'm in. I don't care what you said. I'm going to join the attack run.
FOX: Fine.
ROB: I am pickking up multiple contacts. They are Anglar fighters.
FOX: Team Star Fox, attack!

In Battle Events

FOX: What is the level of acidity?
SLIPPY: Only minimal traces remain. It's amazing!
FALCO: Now all we have to do is fight! Who wants a piece of Falco?
KRYSTAL: It's the birth of a new Venom...
* Anglar Emperor appears. *
EMPEROR: The Venom Sea neutralized... Our forces in disarray...
EMPEROR: I shall not let this happen!
FOX: Anglar! Welcome to the last day of your empire!
EMPEROR: Silence, fool! All will bend their knee to me!
FOX: It's finally over.
FALCO: Man, what a jerk! I mean, seriously.
KRYSTAL: We really did it...
SLIPPY: YAY! No more fighting!

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: We did it!
FALCO: Yeah, that wasn't so tough. Buncha no-good pilots!
FOX: It was thanks to you guys that we pulled through!
SLIPPY: This is the best team I've ever been a part of, Fox! You too, right? ...Right?
FOX: Um...
KRYSTAL: ...Yes?
FOX: Krystal...
FOX: We wouldn't have pulled this off without you. ...Thank you.
KRYSTAL: Whatever.
FALCO: Yeah, thanks. You've got serious skills, you know that?
SLIPPY: Yaaaaaaaaay Krystal!
KRYSTAL: I... I...
FOX: Krystal, please find a way to forgive me! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
KRYSTAL: Forgive you? Forgive you?! That's funny. I mean, that is simply hilarious.
KRYSTAL: You treat me like dirt and I just forgive you? Is that it? ...Sniff... Jerk...
FOX: So... you won't come back to the team?
SLIPPY: C'mon, Krystal! You gotta come back!
FALCO: Yeah, don't worry abut this furry idiot. Just get your tail back here.
FOX: We'll always be together. I promise.
KRYSTAL: Ah, F-Fox, you... I... sniff... ...I'm an idiot. I can't believe I'm actually going to do it...
KRYSTAL: Falco? Slippy? Thank you.
SLIPPY: The Anglars are history, and Krystal is back with the team!
SLIPPY: Now we just have to file our report with Peppy! We should go find him!
FALCO: Don't pretend, frog. You just want to go see your new squeeze!
SLIPPY: Tee hee hee! You've discovered my ruse!
FOX: Ruse or no, we're plotting a course for Aquas.
ROB: Great Fox prepped and ready for launch.
FOX: Let's go!


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