Titania: The Worm

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Pre Battle Dialog

FALCO: Krystal!
SLIPPY: Krystal! Hooray! You and Fox made up!
KRYSTAL: And what do you mean by that, Slipy Toad?
FOX: ...
KRYSTAL: You and your "Fox did this" and "Fox did that!"
KRYSTAL: You never get tired of talking about him, do you?
FALCO: Geez, Krystal! Give the little fella a break.
SLIPPY: T-that's so mean... Sniff...
FOX: So, Krystal? About the secret of Titania?
FOX: If you know something, you need to tell us.
KRYSTAL: ...Fine.
KRYSTAL: A long time ago, Andross started developing a new machine.
KRYSTAL: This device would make Venom a beautiful planet that could support like.
FOX: Venom? Beautiful?
KRYSTAL: Andross was deemed to be a dangerous fanatic and banished from Venom.
KRYSTAL: He was condemned to a life of isolation and loneliness.
FOX: That lousy ape is nothing more than a crazed maniac!
KRYSTAL: You say that because he killed your father.
KRYSTAL: But at that time, he was Corneria's chief science officer.
KRYSTAL: He was also a close colleague of General Pepper.
KRYSTAL: But they were like oil and water. Their infighting was a precursor to war.
FOX: NO! That's a LIE! Andross ignored an order to halt his dangerous experiments!
FOX: He was banished as punishment!
KRYSTAL: His motives were pure, Fox! He just wanted to continue his research.
KRYSTAL: He never asked for money or kickbacks of any kind!
FOX: Yeah? Well if he's so pure, why did we end up going to war?!
FALCO: Enough! We don't have time to blad about the past right now!
KRYSTAL: You're right, Falco. Let me continue.
KRYSTAL: After Andross fought you, he dedicated his remaining days to planet Venom.
KRYSTAL: He wanted to leave some sort of legacy. That's all.
FOX: And now that device is on Titania.
FOX: I'm sure he's hidden it somewhere people would never look.
KRYSTAL: Yes, that's it exactly.
KRYSTAL: I imagine that one of his bioweapons is guarding the device.
FOX: We're going to get that device. Krystall, you're coming, too!
KRYSTAL: ...Whatever.

In Battle Events

SLIPPY: Hey, Krystal, how is the Cloud Runner treating you?
KRYSTAL: Um... fine, Slippy. Thanks.
FALCO: Kid, you and that ship belong together!
FOX: Stay focused! Here they come!
* Andross appears. *
ANDROSS: I am the ghost of Andross.
ANDROSS: I protect this base with my bioweapon!
FOX: An... Andross?
FALCO: A sand cloud is forming!
KRYSTAL: Something's coming!
FALCO: Man, bioweapons give me the heebie-jeebies!
KRYSTAL: We got the device!
SLIPPY: That's great news!
FOX: Now we can enter the Venom Sea! Let's get back to base.

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: Krystal? Are you still the Krystal we once knew?
SLIPPY: I... I can't believe it's really you!
KRYSTAL: It's not me, Slippy. You're right. I'm a different person now.
SLIPPY: That's not true!
SLIPPY: You're the same Krystal as you've always been!
SLIPPY: Have you forgotten about Sauria?
SLIPPY: About how Fox rescued you? How he saved your life?
SLIPPY: And what about when you risked your life to fight the Aparoids?
KRYSTAL: Of course I remember! Don't be an idiot!
SLIPPY: ...Yeah, well, you could still try to be nicer to Fox.
SLIPPY: It's just a suggestion.
KRYSTAL: Forget it! He had his chance and he blew it!
SLIPPY: You know, the love of my life is on Aquas right now.
SLIPPY: I left her there...
SLIPPY: I knew it was wrong! I knew it! But I did it anyway.
SLIPPY: If you love someone, you have to be together. No matter how dangerous it is!
KRYSTAL: Oh, Slippy...
SLIPPY: Sniff... Oh, great! Now I'm gonna cry! Sniff...
SLIPPY: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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