Venom: Good-bye, Fox

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Pre Battle Dialog

ZAZAN: Emperor Anglar, I beg your imperial indulgence.
ZAZAN: I fear to report that we have intruders in our waters!
ANGLAR: Impossible.
ZAZAN: There is no mistake, Your Excellency.
ZAZAN: All our forces have been put on attack readiness.
ANGLAR: And invasion? Here? The audacity of it!
ANGLAR: Very well, Zazan. Ready your men. Give these fools a warm welcome.
ZAZAN: It will be done, Your Excellency!
ROB: The acidity of the Venom Sea has been neutralized.
ROB: We can begin our attack at any time.
FOX: Roger that!
FOX: Listen up, everyone!
FOX: This is the last mission that team Star Fox will ever fly.
FOX: I want you all to come back in one piece.
FALCO: Enough with the speeches already! You're starting to sound like Peppy!
SLIPPY: Woo hoo! I'm raring to go!
PEPPY: I'm just honored to be fighting by your side, Fox!
FOX: Team Star Fox...launch!

In Battle Events

* Arrow Head appears. *
FALCO: So you're the Anglar emperor, eh?
ANGLAR: Do you like to swim, little one? Ha ha ha!
FOX: What's so funny?
ANGLAR: I hope you like to swim, because this sea bed will be your grave.
SLIPPY: Bring it, old man!
* Anglar Emperor appears. *
FOX: The Anglar forces have been decimated!
PEPPY: Anyone hurt?
FALCO: No, we're all fine!
SLIPPY: I can't believe it's over...

Post Battle Dialog

FOX: It's over... It's really over.
PEPPY: Team Star Fox's final mission is complete, and we all made it back.
PEPPY: The curtains really coming down this time...
SLIPPY: I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
SLIPPY: I just don't know... Maybe I'll do both.
FALCO: C'mon, Fox! You're not really gonna leave the squadron, right?
FOX: Falco, I...
ROB: I have managed to locate Krystal.
ROB: She is on the planet Sauria.
PEPPY: Go get her, Fox!
SLIPPY: Yeah, you've gotta go and meet her, Fox!
FALCO: ...Ah, what the heck. Go find the lady before she leaves you again!
FOX: OK then, I'm off.
ROB: Fox's ship is prepped and ready for launch.
FOX: Farewell, everyone...


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