Titania: Andross's Legacy

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Pre Battle Dialog

PEPPY: Hello, everyone!
FOX: General!
PEPPY: Now, now! You don't have to call me that, Fox!
PEPPY: Oh, lookie! Falco's here, too!
FALCO: I didn't really want to come back... I guess you never can tell, eh?
FALCO: It's kinda nice to see all these familiar faces in one place!
PEPPY: I guess this means that team Star Fox is back together once more!
SLIPPY: Whoooo! The old Arwing magic is still there!
PEPPY: I've still got enough in the tank to take you on, young Slippy!
PEPPY: Listen, there's something I need to tell all of you.
PEPPY: There was a reason I came all this way to Titania.
FOX: What is it, General?
PEPPY: As you know, the Venom Sea is extremely acidic.
PEPPY: At the moment, there's no way we can get anywhere near it.
SLIPPY: Our ships wouldn't last ten minutes in that environment!
PEPPY: Well, after our last battle with Andross, he started thinking.
PEPPY: He put together a plan to terraform the whole environment.
PEPPY: He wanted to make Venom a more hospitable place to live.
SLIPPY: Wait...he actually wanted to neutralize the acidity of the Venom Sea?
PEPPY: Exactly!
PEPPY: And now he's hidden a device on Titania to do just that!
FALCO: Aw, that's crazy talk! Why would he do something like that?
FOX: I bet he wanted to build a perfect world of his very own.
PEPPY: He also built a bioweapon to protect the device!
PEPPY: I bet that's still there, too.
FOX: So if we find the bioweapon, we find the device. Sounds good.
PEPPY: My thoughts exactly! Is everyone ready?
FOX: Eh?
PEPPY: Team Star Fox...launch!
FOX: Uh...Peppy? I'm supposed to say that.

In Battle Events

* Grunner appears. *
ANDROSS: I am the ghost of Andross...
ANDROSS: I protect this place with my bioweapon!
PEPPY: A-Andross?! No... That's not possible!
SLIPPY: Something is closing in, and fast!
FALCO: What is it?
FOX: Get into combat formation now!
* Beat Grunner. *
FALCO: I've seen plenty of crazy stuff in my life, but not like that!
PEPPY: And here I thought I was done being scared of Andross.
FOX: But it's over now. You hear that, Andross?
SLIPPY: We recovered the device from your bioweapon!

Post Battle Dialog

PEPPY: Wooo-hooo! Great job, everybody!
FOX: So this is the neutralizer that Andross created, eh?
PEPPY: Let's get this thing into the Venom Sea as soon as possible!
FOX: Wait, General. What if it doesn't work?
SLIPPY: Don't look at me! I have no idea how this thing functions!
FALCO: Ha! Look like we'll have to trust the twisted genius of Andross!
PEPPY: We have no room for error, Fox! It HAS to work!
FOX: I suppose that's true.
FOX: ...And now that we're all here, there's something I need to say.
PEPPY: What is it, Fox?
FOX: Once this campaign is finished...assuming we all make it through...
FOX: I'm going to go find Krystal.
FOX: And that is going to be my final mission. I've had it with this kind of work.
FALCO: WHAT?! You must be joking, man!
SLIPPY: F-Fox? Are you serious?
FOX: This life is the reason I chased Krystal off in the first place.
FOX: I didn't want to see her in danger all the time. I... I couldn't face that.
FOX: So as long as I live this way, she can never be happy.
FOX: I've made my decision. Don't try to change my mind.
FALCO: Gyaaa! I want to argue with ya, but I can't! I mean, now she's flying with Star Wolf!
FALCO: She doesn't like those guys! She's just...chasing your shadow.
FALCO: I knew her days as a pilot weren't over, no matter what you said!
PEPPY: Aw, that's just like Krystal!
ROB: What will happen to me?
PEPPY: Now ROB, don't worry. All of you have done a great service to Lylat.
PEPPY: You have sacrificed much during these long years.
PEPPY: So no one will complain when you decide to hang up your flight gear.
FOX: Thank you, General.
PEPPY: You go and make that girl happy, y'hear? I mean it! That's an order!
PEPPY: Promise us!
FALCO: Bah! You may have gone soft, old friend, but not this bird!
FALCO: I'll fly around this galaxy until the day I die!
PEPPY: I have one more thing to say to you.
PEPPY: Up to this point, all of your decisions have been wise ones.
PEPPY: I don't think that's going to change anytime soon! Trust your instincts, Fox.
FOX: Thank you, Peppy.
FALCO: Hey! Enough sappy chatter! Let's get this thingamabob to the Venom Sea!
SLIPPY: C'mon, Fox! Let's make one last run! Like the good old days!
ROB: I have launched the device toward the Venom Sea.


Venom: Good-bye, Fox