Sector Z: We Meet Again

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: I have detected multiple contacts. Anglar fighters are closing in.
FOX: Do you think they were waiting in ambush?
FALCO: Looks like they wanted to make a final stand here. Ha! Let's make 'em pay!
SLIPPY: Fox! I'm getting a message from Krystal!
KRYSTAL: Team Star Fox! Do you read me?
FALCO: This is team Star Fox! Heya, Krystal!
FALCO: I knew you'd make it outta there in one piece!
SLIPPY: Yay, Krystal! You made it!
FOX: ...
KRYSTAL: I'm sorry, Fox. But listen, you had?
FOX: Don't worry! I'm... I'm just glad you're OK.
KRYSTAL: Yes, I appear to be all in one piece.
SLIPPY: Thank goodness!
FOX: We need all the hands we can get right now. Will you assist us?
KRYSTAL: ...All right.
ROB: The Anglars have called in reinforcements.
ROB: A massive attack force is heading our way.
FOX: We need to launch now! Falco! Slippy! Let's go!

In Battle Events


Post Battle Dialog

FOX: What was all that about, Krystal?
KRYSTAL: ...What do you mean?
FOX: Is it true? Did you really fly with Wolf and his cronies?
KRYSTAL: You hurt me, Fox! I was upset! I... I wanted to get back at you.
FOX: I did what I did because I was worried about you! I didn't want you to be hurt!
FOX: That's why I said it would be better if you left the team.
KRYSTAL: I know that.
FOX: I can't believe you just up and vaished.
FOX: And then to top it off, you joined Star Wolf!
FOX: What were you thinking?
FALCO: Hey! Fox! Maybe you should throttle down a little!
FALCO: You're not blameless in this, buddy! I understand how she feels.
SLIPPY: Falco's right!
SLIPPY: Krystal just wanted to be with you! Forever and ever!
SLIPPY: That's all! I mean, sheesh! Cound't you see that?
FOX: ...
KRYSTAL: I'm the one who got close to Wolf. I'm the one who convinced them to help.
SLIPPY: Speaking of Wolf and the others, what happened to them?
KRYSTAL: I was with them up until we destroyed the Anglar headquarters.
KRYSTAL: The one at the bottom of the Venom sea.
KRYSTAL: When we were finished, our ships began to corrode.
KRYSTAL: When we pulled out, we ended up getting scattered.
SLIPPY: You flew into the Venom Sea? That thing is pure acid!
SLIPPY: You're crazy!
FOX: Right, I've heard enough. We're going in to fight the Anglar Emperor right now!
FOX: Will you help us, Krystal?
KRYSTAL: I'm sorry about all of this, Fox.
FOX: No more apologies. Not from you. I was wrong.
FOX: You know, I'm worries about Wolf and his crew.
KRYSTAL: Really?
FOX: Once the fighting's done, I think we should go and look for them.
SLIPPY: Hey! Hold on there, Fox!
SLIPPY: Let's just leave those goons to their fate!
FOX: Listen up! All of you! We're going to take down the Anglar Emperor!
FOX: Once we're done, we'll continue looking for Wolf and his gang.
SLIPPY: I don't know...
FALCO: I'd like to say that I hate this plan, but I don't.
FALCO: I guess it works for me.
KRYSTAL: Fox...guys...I'm sorry for all the trouble.
SLIPPY: Don't cry to me when this all goes wrong!


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