Asteroid Belt: The Meteorite Trap

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: ROB, any word from Falco?
ROB: No. But I have other news of a more pressing nature.
FOX: What's that?
ROB: The odds of leaving this sector alive are poor.
ROB: There are enemy contacts hidden in the asteroid field.
ROB: What is our next move?
FOX: Can't go backwards, so we have to go forward!
ROB: Agreed.
FOX: OK! Let's clean out the entire area!

In Battle Events

FOX: These asteroids are going to be a problem.
ROB: You should also watch for enemy missiles.
FOX: Understood.
* Falco arrives. *
FALCO: Sorry for makin' ya wait, Foxie!
FOX: Late again, Falco?
FALCO: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm behind schedule. But don't worry!
FALCO: I was equipping my Sky Claw with a Multi-lock!
FOX: Look out! Something's coming.
* Bio Brain appears. *
FOX: Phew! We took care of all of 'em!
FALCO: Too easy. I need a challenge next time.
FOX: Yeah, right, Falco. Let's just get back to base, OK?

Post Battle Dialog

FOX: You're late, Falco!
FALCO: Yeah, I got caught up with some fish.
FALCO: So what's the next part of the plan, Fox?
FOX: We need to meet up with Slippy on Aquas.
FOX: But there one little problem... He's with his fiancee.
FALCO: What?! Slippy's engaged? ...Like, to a woman?
FALCO: Engaged... Ha ha ha ha! AAHHH HA HA HA HA!!
FOX: Don't laugh!
FALCO: S-sorry, Fox. ...Mmmph! Mmm.. HAAAAAA ha ha ha!
FOX: I'm not sure whether to include Slippy in this mission or not.
FALCO: Don't worry about it. Even if he doesn't help, we'll come through somehow.
FALCO: More importantly, don't we need Krystal's help?
FOX: Yes, I suppose we do. Although, that might be a bit of a problem...
FOX: I did kind of chase her off the team, after all.
FOX: I can't go crawling back to her after all that.
FALCO: Bah! Pull yourself together, man! Now isn't the time to go mushy!
FOX: ...You're right, Falco.
ROB: Setting a course for Aquas.


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