Aquas: Octoman's Ruse

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: Just as I thought. They've taken over Aquas.
FALCO: I wonder if "you know who" is OK?
ROB: We have received a message from a female named Amanda.
AMANDA: Mr. Fox? Mr. Fox, please come in!
AMANDA: Can you hear me?
FOX: Fox McCloud here. Amanda? What's wrong?
AMANDA: Has Slippy arrived?
FOX: No, he's not here.
AMANDA: I tried to stop him, but he ran off and left me!
FOX: I see.
AMANDA: And I waited but he hasn't contacted you and now I'm worried and... help!
FOX: Leave it to us. We'll find him!
ROB: The chances of him being nearby are approximately 99.987%
FALCO: That dang frog! I bet he's dippin' his webbed toes in a nice pool somewhere!
FALCO: Aw, heck. We'll be fine! Who needs him anyway?!
ROB: Squad prepped for launch.
FOX: Let's go, Falco!
FALCO: Finally! Action! I was about to die from sheer boredom!

In Battle Events

FALCO: Now where did Slippy get to?
FOX: Aw, you know him. He'll turn up when we least expect it.
FALCO: Good! 'Cause I don't have time to waste looking for him!
FOX: Let's go. He'll catch up.
* Amanda arrives. *
AMANDA: I can't wait any more! I'm joining the fight!
FOX: Amanda, wait! It's dangerous out there!
AMANDA: I'm fine! I'll kick some tail with my awesome Multi-lock!
FALCO: All right, but take care!
* Octoman appears. *
OCTOMAN: Bwah ha ha ha! The one you call Slippy is now MY PUPPET!
SLIPPY: I will kill you all. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Aaaaahh. Ha. Ha.
AMANDA: What have they done to my poor Slippy?!
FOX: Someone brainwashed him! I'm on my way!
FOX: I can't believe he brainwashed poor Slippy!
FALCO: Cowards! They're just afraid to fight me!
AMANDA: Hey there, Slippy... How ya doin', buddy?
SLIPPY: Aaaall... of yoooooou... Brrrr! I... i think i'm gonna be OK... Thanks.

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: I'm sorry, Fox!
FOX: Don't worry about it. You didn't do anything wrong.
FOX: I'm just happy you're safe and sound.
SLIPPY: It's all thanks to you guys. Fox... Falco... You're the best!
FALCO: Yeah, but who was that angry octopus guy? Man, what a loser!
SLIPPY: Fox? Um... can I talk to you for a second?
FOX: Yes?
AMANDA: You're leaving. Aren't you, Slippy?
SLIPPY: I promise you I'll come back! I'll stay safe and come back!
AMANDA: Oh, Slippy...
AMANDA: Take care, Amanda. My love.
FOX: Everyone listen up!
FOX: I... I think we need to go find Krystal.
SLIPPY: Yaa-hoo! Now you're talking!
FALCO: Ha! I bet seein' these two lovebirds changed you mind, eh, Fox? Eh?
FOX: I know I'm the one who drove her away.
FOX: And I know I can't expect her to come back.
FOX: But we need her help, so I'm going to ask and hope for the best.
SLIPPY: Don't worry, Fox! Krystal will respond in the right way. I'm sure of it!
FOX: ROB? Locate Krystal for me.
FOX: Well? Can you find her?
ROB: I believe she is located on Katina.


  1. Bring her back. »
  2. Seperate from Fox. »

Post Choice Dialog

FALCO: The enemy's going to come at you harder than ever!
FALCO: You're gonna need some Twin Lasers!
FOX: I don't know, Falco. I like the way my ship targets now...
SLIPPY: Pshaw! Trust me on this one! You're gonna love it!
FOX: Well, all right. I'll leave it in your hands.