Corneria: Decision Time

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: So they've occupied all the cities in this area, too?
ROB: They are advancing much faster than we expected.
FOX: It's times like this that I wish Falco was still around...
ROB: I am receiving a transmission from Slippy.
FOX: Put it on the monitor.
SLIPPY: Fox! Can you hear me?
FOX: Slippy! How've you been?
SLIPPY: I'm great, Fox! We made it to the planetary access point with no trouble.
SLIPPY: I'm going to link up with you soon, so just wait there!
SLIPPY: O, and um...there's someone I want you to meet.
SLIPPY: May I present...
AMANDA: Hello, Mr. Fox! I'm sooo excited to meet you!
AMANDA: My name is Amanda. I'm Slippy's fiancee!
FOX: !!!
FOX: ...Seriously? Um... I mean... P-pleased to meet you.
FOX: Oh, and my name is Fox McCloud. Not Mr. Fox.
FOX: Sooooo... Fiancee, eh?
AMANDA: That's right! Slippy asked to me to marry him last month and I said YES!
FOX: Well, this is a surprise. But congratulations, you two! I'm sure you'll--
AMANDA: Please, Mr. Fox! Don't get Slippy involved in any of this! I beg of you!
SLIPPY: Hey, hey! Amanda! Now, we already talked about this, and you said--
AMANDA: Quiet, Slippy! You know why I'm saying this!
AMANDA: If he asks you to join up, you won't be able to say no!
FOX: ...Well, this is awkward.
SLIPPY: Sorry, Fox! Don't worry about this. I'll take care of everything!
SLIPPY: Don't worry! I'll meet up with you soon!
SLIPPY: Heh heh... Yeah, well, um... gotta go!
FOX: Hang on, Slippy! We're not... He hung up! What a cad!
FOX: Wait, what's that...?
ROB: Enemy ships detected. Switching to combat formation.
FOX: Now? Of all the luck!

In Battle Events (Normal Version)

* Dash appears. *
DASH: Cornerian forces here! Permission to join the fray, sir?
FOX: This is Fox McCloud. Thanks for the help! What've you got?
DASH: Single Lock with bombs and Twin Lasers, sir!
FOX: In that case, I'll take all the help you can give.
* Final Core collected. *
FOX: Everything OK over there?
DASH: Yes, thank you! No problems here.
FOX: That was tough on my own. Thanks for the help.
DASH: I need to be going, so I'll say good-bye here.
FOX: Take care. Maybe we'll see each other again.

In Battle Events (Finish Mission Before Dash Has a Chance to Arrive)

*Dash appears. *
DASH: I'm with the Cornerian forces, I saw what you did today. You're an amazing pilot!
FOX: Thanks for your help eariler. It was a bit hairy, eh?
DASH: Well, I survived! That's what matters.
FOX: Take care! Maybe we'll meet again sometime.

Post Battle Dialog

ROB: I have determined Falco's current position.
ROB: We can meet up near the asteroid belt.
FOX: Should we call in Slippy?
ROB: Calling him in will increase your combat ability by 20%.
FOX: Only 20%? He won't be happy to hear those numbers!
ROB: Computing success matrix. Processing...
ROB: Alone, you have a zero percent possibility of success.
FOX: You don't pull your punches, do you?
ROB: There is a way to increase your chance of success.
ROB: You must gather together a group of skilled pilots.
FOX: Fine. I guess I'm going to need help on this one.
FOX: Skilled pilots... Hmmm... Well, there's always Falco!
ROB: Will you join up with Falco?


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