Fichina: Former Rivals

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We will soon arrive at the Parlak Sector.
FOX: Send a signal on the encrypted channel.
ROB: Who exactly are you looking for?
FOX: A rival. Someone I'd like to fly with one more time...
ROB: Are you considering Wolf O'Donnell?
FOX: Nothing wrong with your intuition, ROB!
FOX: I think Wolf is lurking around here somewhere.
ROB: The chances of him wanting to assist our cause are approximately 7%.
FOX: Well, we won't know unless we ask.

In Battle Events

* Star Wolf appears. *
FOX: I didn't come to fight. I want us to fly together!
WOLF: Talk? HA! Talking's for little girls and tea parties. Let's fight!
FOX: All right, you're on!
PANTHER: If you seek your true rival, Fox, Look no further than Panther!
LEON: Do you think you're good enough to handle all three of us?
* Beat Star Wolf. *
FOX: How's that? You ready to talk now?
PANTHER: Actually, Panther did not lose. He merely grew bored and--
WOLF: Cram it, fuzzy! We all got whipped. Take it like a man.
LEON: Bah! I hate losin'! Hate it, I tells ya!

Post Battle Dialog

WOLF: You've become quite the skilled fighter, Fox.
FOX: Keep your promise, Wolf. Help us.
WOLF: Ha! I'm not so down as to join up with you and your ragtag band.
WOLF: ...But, what the hey. I've got no other offers. Might as well throw in with you.
WOLF: But I'm going to get paid, right?
FOX: Sure, Wolf.
FOX: I'm grateful, but I still expect a lot!
WOLF: Hey, hey! Don't get the wrong idea about me!
WOLF: This is strictly business. Nothing personal.
WOLF: We're not friends, and we never will be. Don't forget it!
FOX: Understood. Let's make a plan!
ROB: We are scheduled to meet with Falco on Solar.
WOLF: That blue-feathered idiot?! Er... We don't exactly get along, y'know.
FOX: Don't speak like that! He's a great pilot and he'll do a good job!
WOLF: Well, you're signing my check, so I'll shut up and do what ya want.
FOX: ROB, plot a course for Solar.
ROB: Roger.


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