Corneria: Reunion with Slippy

During the first play-through Star Fox Command, you're required to do this mission before others.


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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: Contact with Slippy is now possible.
FOX: This is Fox. Slippy, come in. Slippy, respond!
SLIPPY: Slippy here. It's been a long time, buddy!
FOX: Sure has. How are you?
SLIPPY: Great, thanks! I'm happy to see you're doing well, old friend!
FOX: Do you think you can join me?
SLIPPY: Of course!
FOX: I'd really like your help fighting the Anglar forces.
SLIPPY: Say no more! I'm on my way!
SLIPPY: Send me the data for the rendezvous!
FOX: ROB! Send Slippy the data he asked for.
ROB: Sending data now.

In Battle Events

* Slippy appears. *
SLIPPY: Sorry to keep you waiting.
FOX: Slippy! Can you join the fray?
SLIPPY: Sure, no problem!
SLIPPY: I just put a new plasma shot on my ship!
* Mission end. *
FOX: Slippy! Thanks for your help back there!
SLIPPY: Hee hee hee! My timing was good, wasn't it?

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: Phew! It's been a while since I saw combat! I was kinda nervous.
FOX: You really helped me out Slippy!
SLIPPY: Ha ha!
FOX: Let's keep taking the fight to the Anglar forces! Are you with me?
SLIPPY: Sure, buddy! Anything for you!
FOX: Thanks!
SLIPPY: I bet Peppy's been run ragged since he became the Cornerian general.
FOX: Yeah, I heard that General Pepper had been confined to his sickbed.
FOX: I'm glad they were able to find a replacement.
SLIPPY: I'm just glad they make Peppy a general!
SLIPPY: General Pepper is a good judge of character, eh?
FOX: True enough!
FOX: We need to get in contact with Peppy somehow.
SLIPPY: Yeah, I'm worried about him, too...
ROB: Intercepting a signal from Fichina...
ROB: It is an emergency request for support addressed to General Peppy.
FOX: Do you know who sent the signal?
ROB: Someone named Lucy.
SLIPPY: Lucy? That's Peppy's daughter, isn't it?
FOX: You're right. That probably means she's in danger, too!


  1. Set course for Fichina. »
  2. Locate Peppy first. »