Fichina: Fog of War

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: ROB! Have you managed to locate Lucy?
ROB: She will be in one of the nearby cities.
FOX: Let's just hope she's OK.
FOX: Last I heard, she was teaching astrophysics.
SLIPPY: Really? Well, I'll be!
SLIPPY: That doesn't sound like the Lucy I knew!
FOX: She was a real tomboy! Always wanted to become a pilot.
FOX: But I guess she became a teacher instead.
SLIPPY: Wasn't she good friends with Krystal?
SLIPPY: She might know how to track her down.
FOX: We're done talking about that, Slippy.
SLIPPY: ...Sorry.
FOX: OK! Let's go and get 'em!

In Battle Events

* Star Wolf attacks. *
WOLF: Fox... It's been a long time...
FOX: Wolf?!
WOLF: You lookin' to collect the bounty on our heads?
FOX: No, of course not!
WOLF: Bah! Arguing makes me cranky. Let's fight!
* Beat Star Wolf. *
WOLF: Grrragh! You got the better of me there!
PANTHER: Panther can't believe you defeated him! Will you now turn us in?
FOX: I've got bigger fish to fry today, guys. See ya around.
SLIPPY: Yeah! See ya!
WOLF: I hate that frog...

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: Those guys never learn, do they?
FOX: Yeah, they're good pilots and all, but...
LUCY: Whoa! That was a close one!
FOX: Lucy! You made it! How are you feeling?
LUCY: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Look, my message made it to my Dad, right?
FOX: Umm...not exactly.
FOX: We just happened to intercept your message.
LUCY: Oh... I see.
SLIPPY: Don't worry. Peppy can't be beaten so easily.
LUCY:'re right. I'm sure he's fine!
FOX: Yeah, I wouldn't worry.
LUCY: Hey, Fox! Listen to this!
LUCY: I found out who's leading the invasion of Fichina!
LUCY: It's that jerk Oikonny!
FOX: Did you say Oikonny?!
SLIPPY: He's a nasty piece of work.
LUCY: They're using these huge weapons as part of their strategy! It's awful!
FOX: We can't let this continue.
SLIPPY: Fox? I have a thought.
SLIPPY: I think we need more information about the enemy.
FOX: I'm with you. It's foolish for us to stumble from one fight to another.
SLIPPY: You know my dad's at the asteroid station, right?
SLIPPY: It's possible he may know something that can help.
FOX: OK. So where do we go from here?


  1. Fight Oikonny. »
  2. Gather intelligence. »