Solar: The Red-Hot Planet

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Pre Battle Dialog

FOX: ROB, are you picking up anything from Falco?
ROB: Negative.
ROB: However, local stellar interference makes a comm check impossible.
WOLF: That birdbrain turned and ran, eh?
WOLF: Or maybe he screwed up and became Anglarian fried chicken!
FOX: Falco's always late to the party. He'll show up. Eventually.
WOLF: If he's gone and gotten himself killed, we can give Panther and Leon a call.
WOLF: What do you say? C'mon, no one likes Falco anyway.
FOX: Panther and Leon?
FOX: No, I think you're all the help we will need, Wolf.
WOLF: Heh heh heh. Whatever you say. Oh, and speaking of Panther...
WOLF: He's got a new flame now! What was her name again... Krystal? Was that it?
FOX: Are you serious? Krystal?!
WOLF: Oh, that's right! You and her were...yeah, I remember that now.
WOLF: Let me tell you, after you gave her the boot she looked us up right away!
FOX: ...
WOLF: I just figured she was eager to see Panther again, you know?
WOLF: I hear she's a military pilot now, but...
FOX: ...Is that so?
FOX: I hadn't heard that.
ROB: I have located the enemy base.
WOLF: Well that's enough talk about women!
WOLF: Yeah, it must be tough, but sometimes a man has to face these things! Right?
FOX: Um...

In Battle Events


Post Battle Dialog

WOLF: Falco didn't show! I knew he was no good!
FOX: ...Huh? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
FOX: Say, Wolf? What you said earlier about Krystal...
FOX: About her and...Panther...
WOLF: Hey, hey! Don't get mad at Panther! You're the one who broke it off!
WOLF: You can't complain now! Cryin' about the past isn't manly.
FOX: I'm not crying! I just... it came as something of a shock, that's all.
WOLF: You still have feelings for her?
FOX: ...
WOLF: So you're that type of man, eh? Well, I'm terribly disappointed in you.


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