Aquas: Beneath the Waves

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We are approaching the submerged city.
SLIPPY: What's our status, ROB?
ROB: The enemy has infiltrated the oceans.
FOX: So they're here, too? I knew it!
SLIPPY: Amanda! Please respond! Amanda!
FOX: Slippy? Are you having trouble raising her?
SLIPPY: I got nothing! Fox, what am I gonna do?! If something has happened to her...
FOX: Don't talk like that, Slippy!
FALCO: Psh. Still the same old Slippy.
SLIPPY: Falco!?
FALCO: What's up, froggy? I just got here.
FOX: Late to the party again, Falco? Some things never change.
FALCO: Ha ha, Fox. Be quiet and listen. I've got some interesting info for ya.
FOX: What is it?
SLIPPY: Fox! Falco! We have to get going! Right now!
FALCO: Go? But we gotta take out all the targets in this area first!
FALCO: Fight first, then talk! That's my motto!
FOX: Let's go!

In Battle Events

* Amanda arrives on the battlefield. *
AMANDA: Slippy!
SLIPPY: Amanda?! Are you OK?
AMANDA: I'm fine! I'll wipe them out with my Multi-lock.
SLIPPY: Amanda! Everyone! Are you OK?
AMANDA: A couple of scratches and bruises, but that's all!
FALCO: No problems here, kiddo!
FOX: That's terrific! Let's get back to base!

Post Battle Dialog

SLIPPY: Amanda! I'm so happy you're not hurt!
AMANDA: Of course I'm all right! I'm going to be your wife, remember?
AMANDA: I'm prepared for anything!
SLIPPY: ...Really? Sniff...sniff... Aw, yer the best! Sniff...
FOX: Don't cry, Slippy!
FOX: Amanda is safe! You should be happy!
AMANDA: Yeah, and they won't mess with us again!
AMANDA: If they do, I'll be waiting to give them a little payback!
FALCO: Right on, sister! That's the kinda guff that Falco likes to hear!
FALCO: I think she's more of an asset to the team than Slippy is!
SLIPPY: Falco! How dare you!
AMANDA: No, that's not right! Slippy, darling, you were simply wonderful!
SLIPPY: Gosh...really?
FALCO: Barf! Why don't you two lovebirds take them on all by yourselves!
FALCO: Look, enough inane banter. I've got something to tell you, Fox!
FALCO: It's about Krystal.
FOX: Krystal? What's she got to do with this?
FALCO: You've really filed her away in your head, eh, Fox?
FOX: Maybe.
FALCO: Oh, and don't go freakin' out when I tell you this, all right?
FALCO: Krystal has joined up with Star Wolf.
FOX: She...she what?
FALCO: I intercepted one of their transmissions on my way here.
FALCO: When I listened, I could hear Krystal talking.
FALCO: They're cutting through Sector X on a direct course for Venom.
FALCO: I think they're gonna try and take Venom.
FOX: Krystal... with Star Wolf...
FALCO: I imagine they've already arrived at Venom by now.
FOX: ...
FALCO: Sorry to bring the bad news, old buddy, but what are we gonna do now?
FOX: It was my call. I broke up the team. I sent her away.
FOX: I have no right to stand in her way or question her decisions.
ROB: We are receiving an emergency transmission from General Peppy.
FOX: Play it back for us, ROB!
PEPPY: Fox! Can you hear me? Come in!
PEPPY: A large contingent of Anglar forces are heading for Corneria!
PEPPY: Their path takes them right through an asteroid belt!
PEPPY: I think Star Wolf has reached the Venom base.
PEPPY: That's why the Anglar forces are scattering across the galaxy!
PEPPY: I ran into the Anglar Emperor and his best units in Sector Z.
PEPPY: It was close, but I managed to outrun them.
PEPPY: But that means they're heading this way! I need your help!
PEPPY: Get here quickly, Fox!
FALCO: ...huh. Well, that doesn't sound good at all.
FOX: Hmm...
FALCO: What do we do about Star Wolf and his cronies?
FOX: ROB! Plot us a course on the double!
FOX: Take us through Sector Z and to that asteroid belt!
ROB: Affirmative.


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