Solar: The Ultimate Weapon

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: I have a lock on Falco's ship. Bringing him in now.
FOX: He might be angry when he sees you here.
FOX: Don't let it bother you.
WOLF: Psh! He's always had a terrible attitude!
WOLF: But if he wants to bring it on, I'm ready!
ROB: Falco is on his way to the bridge.
FALCO: Hey, Fox! Long time, no see!
FALCO: You've got even more grey hairs than the last time I saw you! Har har!
WOLF: Hey.
FALCO: What the... You! Wolf! YOU!
FOX: Calm down, Falco!
FALCO: What the heck is this loser doing here?!
FALCO: Somebody start talking before I start breakin' stuff!
FOX: I asked him to come here, Falco!
FALCO: You WHAT?! What were you thinking, Fox?!
WOLF: Tweet tweet tweet! Is that all you got, little birdy?
FALCO: OK, that's it! You're goin' down, fur-face!
FOX: Stop it! Both of you!
ROB: Alert! Alert!
ROB: I have detected a large energy force gathering in this area.
FALCO: Gah, that's right! I got so angry at this idiot, I totally forgot!
FALCO: On my way here, I spotted an enormous satellite weapon!
FALCO: And I mean ENORMOUS! Really, really big! Maaaaaaassive!
FOX: Yeah, I got it, Falco, thanks. ROB! Can you put that thing on the monitor?
ROB: Affirmative.
FOX: Look at that...
FALCO: You see?! I TOLD you it was big! Do you think it's still under construction?
WOLF: No, I think it's probably finished. Look at the size of that thing!
WOLF: This is their ace in the hole.
FOX: Can one of our ships even take down something that big?
ROB: Unknown.
WOLF: Ha! Well, if we can't take it down, maybe it can take itself down!
FALCO: What are you saying?
FOX: If we blindside the thing, maybe it'll get confused and take itself out. Right?
WOLF: Right! If we hit it hard and fast, it might miss us and shoot Solar instead.
WOLF: That thing is so big, it's going to have a huge recoil.
WOLF: With any luck, we can make the thing recoil itself right into the lava!
FALCO: Not bad. Maybe you weren't dropped on your head as a pup after all.
FOX: I told you bringing him along was a good idea, Falco!
FOX: All right! Let's start by collecting all the cores in this area!
ROB: That plan has less than a 30% chance of success.
FOX: What do you think?
WOLF: You're the leader. You make the call.
FOX: Let's do it! All pilots, prepare to launch!

In Battle Events

* Solar Satellite appears. *
FALCO: Great giblets! That thing is HUGE!
FOX: Try shooting it! Maybe you can change its course.
ZOLDGE: You! Who do you think you are?
WOLF: We're Star Wolf!
* Beat Solar Satellite. *
WOLF: They're being melted by the lava!
FALCO: Your tactics were spot on!
ROB: A good effort from all.
WOLF: All? Hey, toaster, that was MY idea! You wanna get rewired?
ROB: Whrrrr... Does not compute.

Post Battle Dialog

FALCO: We did it, Fox! Aaaah ha ha! We actually took that thing down!
FOX: That was teamwork at its finest! I'm proud of you both.
WOLF: Har! That was a fun time, all right!
ROB: I am receiving a message from Corneria.
ROB: It is General Peppy.
FOX: Play it back, ROB!
PEPPY: Fox! Listen up! You may have already gotten wind of this, but hear me out.
PEPPY: We need your help for a dangerous mission!
PEPPY: I can only hope this message reaches you in time...
PEPPY: Ahem! Not long ago, Slippy provide us with some intelligence on our enemy.
PEPPY: Apparently, they are in hiding on Titania.
PEPPY: It appears that they fear one of Andross's inventions!
FOX: Andross?
PEPPY: Er, the thing is, no one is really sure what this invention does.
PEPPY: We dispatched one of our pilots to Titania as soon as we could.
PEPPY: And yet these events fill me with dread.
PEPPY: Fox, we pray that this message reaches you in time!
PEPPY: You must change course for Titania and help our pilot!
PEPPY: Can you do it? I'm relying on you, Fo--
ROB: The message ends here.
WOLF: Well, that's a shocker. Another panicked message from Peppy.
WOLF: They must have eaten dumb for breakfast when they promoted him.
FALCO: Yeah, the old geezer sure seemed worried.
FOX: Regardless, there is a fellow pilot who needs our aid.
FOX: We have to help him!
WOLF: Har har! Same old Fox.


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Post Choice Dialog

ROB: I am in the middle of something. Excuse me for a moment...
ROB: Your ship is now ready to be equipped with a Plasma Shot.
FOX: Thanks, ROB, but I like my Arwing just like it is.
ROB: I have already mounted the weapon on your ship.
FOX: I see.
FALCO: Aw, what're you moping about? More weapons means more fun!