Venom: Star Wolf Returns

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: I have picked up a contact on the radar. It is heading toward us.
KRYSTAL: It's OK! Give them permission to land!
PANTHER: By my gorgeous face! It seems that Wolf has made it after all!
KRYSTAL: And he's managed to get his paws on the neutralizing device!
WOLF: Sorry to keep you all waiting!
PANTHER: We were getting worried. So, did you get it?
WOLF: Of course I did! Sheesh! It's me, remember?
LEON: Whaaa ha ha haaaa! Finally, the world will call US heroes!
LEON: I'm tired of being saddled with a horrible rep! I want flowers! And a parade!
WOLF: Um... yeah, all right, Leon. We'll look into it. Key! You! Robot guy!
ROB: Whrrrmm? Do you mean me?
WOLF: Fire this device into the Venom Sea Immediately!
ROB: Affirmative.
PANTHER: My darling Krystal... there is something that Panther must know!
PANTHER: This Fox. You still have feelings for him, no? Tell Panther! He can bear it!
KRYSTAL: Sigh...
KRYSTAL: No, Panther. I'm done with him. You are my chosen now.
LEON: Whaaaa ha ha ha! True love! She's got you whipped now, Panther old boy!
WOLF: Enough! This is no time for romance. We're professionals!
WOLF: C'mon, you lot! Get to your ships and let's go!

In Battle Events

WOLF: Well, I'll be. The Venom Sea has been neutralized.
WOLF: All right, you lot! Don't drop your guard for an instant!
LEON: Wheee hee hee! Things are gonna get fun now! Let's burn stuff!
PANTHER: Let's make our move!
KRYSTAL: Get in formation. Let's take 'em out and leave this place alive.
* Anglar Emperor appears. *
EMPEROR: You little band did well to track us this far.
EMPEROR: Perhaps the dog can smell a scent other then his own fear,
WOLF: Shut it, fishy!
LEON: I've seen ugly before, but you could peel the paint off an outhouse!
EMPEROR: These insults are beneath me. Let us finish this. Now!
WOLF: Great job, team!
LEON: He was a stubborn foe... But I'm CRAZY!! Son I won.
PANTHER: Well done, Krystal.
KRYSTAL: I'm just glad it's over.

Post Battle Dialog

LEON: Whaaaa ha ha haaaaa! We did it!
LEON: Star Wolf has taken on the world and emerged triumphant!
PANTHER: Ah, Wolf! Now we can stride large upon this world with our heads held high!
WOLF: It's true that we came out on top, but...
WOLF: ...Why don't I feel better about it?
KRYSTAL: It's because we had to cheat Star Fox to do it.
LEON: Look, a win is a win! No one cares about cheating!
LEON: Lylat is safe, and a bunch of bad guys are dead!
LEON: And Star Wolf is the reason! No one else!
PANTHER: We are not some fussy military unit. We are a team!
PANTHER: No one can complain about how we finished the job.
LEON: I don't like this, Wolf. I don't like your attitude!
LEON: I think you're getting too close to Fox McCloud!
WOLF: No way! Not in a million years!
LEON: Bah! Enough of this! Let's get back to Corneria.
LEON: We're going to shed this fugitive label once and for all!
PANTHER: Then we can walk down the streets in the light of day like any other citizen!
KRYSTAL: ...O-oh! Right! Right.
PANTHER: Something bothering you?
KRYSTAL: No, no! I'm OK! I'm part of Star Wolf and proud of it!
WOLF: Gyaa ha ha! I can't wait to see the look on that Cornerian general's face!
WOLF: It's gonna be priceless!
ROB: I shall set a course for Corneria.
ROB: Engaging now.


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