Katina: Krystal

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: The Katina base is under attack and returning fire!
FOX: Krystal! Can you hear me? It's me, Fox!
FOX: I've come to get you!
FOX: I want you to rejoin the team!
ROB: Prepped and ready for launch.
FOX: Krystal! I'm coming to cover you!
KRYSTAL: Save it, loser! I don't need your help!
FOX: ...Krystal?
PANTHER: Ha ha ha! Never get cover from a Fox... when you can run to a panther! Grawl!
FOX: Panther!
KRYSTAL: You knew, didn't you, Fox?
KRYSTAL: You should go home now!
LEON: Hssss! Yeah, run on home! We've got it covered here!
FOX: Leon!
LEON: That's right! There's a lot of Anglars to smash, and I don't want to share!
LEON: You have no role to play in this story!
ROB: Shall we move on?
FOX: ...Yes. Let's go.

In Battle Events

PANTHER: Krystal! Take care, my darling space rose!
KRYSTAL: Um... yeah. I'll do that.
FOX: Krystal...
LEON: Mind your business, Fox! Go find some other girl to pester!
PANTHER: Krystal, my sweet. Are you well? Panther was worried!
KRYSTAL: I'm fine, Panther. Thanks.
LEON: Fox? You still there?
FOX: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

Post Battle Dialog

KRYSTAL: It looks like you guys are heading for Venom.
KRYSTAL: How will you survive those acidic oceans?
FOX: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. ...I suppose.
KRYSTAL: Ha! I never thought I'd see the day!
KRYSTAL: The great Fox McCloud at a loss for ideas!
FOX: ...
KRYSTAL: I guess you thought that you could do everything by yourself, right?
FOX: That's not true! That's why I came to find you...
FOX: I wanted to ask for your help.
KRYSTAL: The Krystal you once knew is gone.
KRYSTAL: She is no longer a part of your world!
FOX: Krystal, I was a fool! A selfish, rude, arrogant fool. Please come back!
KRYSTAL: Well... if you apologize to me. In front of everyone.
KRYSTAL: Then maybe I'll think about it. Maybe
FOX: ...
PANTHER: Krystal, don't let this rogue change your mind! Let's get out of here!
FOX: ...I'm... sorry...
KRYSTAL: What was that? I couldn't quite hear you.
FOX: I'm sorry, Krystal! I'm so sorry!
LEON: Oh, I'm so sorry! Boo hoo! Whhhhkkkksssshhhh! Whhhhkkkksssshhhh!
FOX: ...I'm truly sorry. Please... Please come with me. I need you with me.
PANTHER: This is absurd! Krystal, tell this loser where to stuff his Arwing and let's go!


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