Fichina: Oikonny Strikes Back!

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We are receiving a message from the enemy.
OIKONNY: Can you hear me, Star Fox?
FOX: Oikonny! I can't believe you're still alive!
OIKONNY: Ha ha I knew you'd show up eventually!
OIKONNY: I've been waiting for a long time to get my revenge!
FOX: This is just like you Oikonny.
FOX: You're a pawn of the Anglar forces. A pawn and a coward!
OIKONNY: Shut it! The Anglar Emperor himself has raved about my skills!
OIKONNY: He tracked me down and personally asked me to join their fight!
FOX: Bad call on his part! Don't move, Oikonny, because I'm coming for you!
LUCY: Wait! I'm coming with you!
SLIPPY: No way, Lucy! It's too dangerous!
LUCY: Don't worry, I won't slow you down!
LUCY: Please let me come with you, Mr. McCloud! Please!
FOX: Um, I don't know...
LUCY: If it gets even a little bit dangerous, I'll race out of there! Please?
FOX: All right, Lucy, come on!

In Battle Events

* Oikonny appears. *
OIKONNY: I'll show you why they call the Death Crab
OIKONNY: the most feared of all the weapons in the Anglar arsenal!
FOX: Finally made it out, Oikonny?
* Fight Death Crab. *
OIKONNY: GYAAA! I waited so long for this, and you still beat me!
FOX: We can do this as often as you're still gonna lose!
SLIPPY: Yeah, behave yourself!
LUCY: Hopefully this will restore peace to Fichina.

Post Battle Dialog

FOX: Let's hope this makes Fichina a safe place!
FOX: At least for now...
SLIPPY: Lucy can really fight! I'm surprised.
LUCY: I may look all sweet, but I'm still General Peppy's daughter! So there!
FOX: Ha! You're definitely his daughter.
LUCY: So, Fox, let's talk about Krystal. You really screwed that one up!
FOX: Um...
SLIPPY: Oh, by the way, Fox... Lucy and Krystal got to be pretty good friends.
SLIPPY: Maybe I should have warned you...
LUCY: Yes, Papa thinks of her as a second daughter.
FOX: Is that so?
LUCY: She's been very sad and lonely since you two split up.
LUCY: Don't you want to try and find her?
FOX: I had to ask her to leave the team.
FOX: As long as Krystal was by my side, I knew she would always be in danger!
LUCY: But you still liked each other, right?
LUCY: And you still worked well together, right?
LUCY: And you were still in love with her, right?
FOX: I...I can't deny any of that.
LUCY: So you decided the team was more important than her?!
SLIPPY: Lucy! Calm down! That's uncalled for!
FOX: No, it's OK, Slippy.
FOX: She's right. On all counts.
LUCY: Sorry. Perhaps I said too much. It's not my place.
FOX: No, don't apologize.
LUCY: Well, anyway, I'm going to head to Corneria.
LUCY: I have to check in on my Papa.
FOX: All right. Be careful.
FOX: If anything happens, contact us right away.
LUCY: I'll make sure to fill him in on all your fun adventures.
SLIPPY: Hey, Fox? Can I ask a favor?
SLIPPY: Can we...maybe...stop at Aquas on the way?
FOX: Why would you want to go there?
SLIPPY: Well...y' fiancee is kinda on Aquas...
FOX: ...A fiancee?! Holy cow, Slippy, I didn't know that! She's on Aquas, huh?
ROB: Alert! Alert!
ROB: Enemy forces are invading the sunken city on Aquas.
SLIPPY: What?! That's horrible! Oh, my poor Amanda!
FOX: ROB, send a message to Falco!
FOX: Tell him to make for Aquas as fast as possible!
ROB: Roger.


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Post Choice Dialog

SLIPPY: She's been a good ship, but I'm not sure your Arwing can take you much further.
SLIPPY: At least, not without some serious modifications!
FOX: I like the way you think, Slippy.
SLIPPY: Let's put Twin Lasers on it!
FOX: I'm glad you came along for the ride!