Katina: Hold Firm, Katina!

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: The Katina base is under attack.
FALCO: I know that!
SLIPPY: I can't believe how many of them there are!
SLIPPY: I hope Fox is all right on his own.
ROB: I am receiving a message from the Cornerian Air Force.
BILL: Fox? This is Bill Grey of the Cornerian Air Force!
BILL: I take it you've come to help us out?
FALCO: I'm sorry, but Fox is out and about at the moment, Bill.
FALCO: But we'll be happy to provide you with some cover!
BILL: Falco! Slippy! Thanks for the offer, It's a real help!
FALCO: Let's go, Slippy!
SLIPPY: Roger that!

In Battle Events

FALCO: Bill! I need you to take care of business over there, OK?
BILL: Leave it to me, pard!
SLIPPY: I'll tidy this sector up over here.
SLIPPY: Phew! Good work guys! How'd everyone make out?
FALCO: Doin' fine over here!
BILL: I'm happy as a tick in a dog's ear!

Post Battle Dialog

BILL: Oh, I getcha!
BILL: Fox went to meet up with Krystal!
SLIPPY: How's she doing?
BILL: Well, shucks. How should I put this...?
BILL: The Krystal you knew has changed. A lot.
FALCO: What do you mean by that?
BILL: She's become a skilled pilot with an icy heart. A true killer, that one!
BILL: At least, that's what she wants everyone to think...
SLIPPY: Krystal? A killer?! No way! I don't believe it!
BILL: Now, I don't know all the details about what went down between her and Fox...
BILL: But is seems she was pretty shocked. Hurt, too.
FALCO: Fox, you idiot...
BILL: I heard that she started datin' someone else.
BILL: Fella's a part of the origional Star Wolf team.
SLIPPY: Star Wolf?!
FALCO: Those dirty rats!
ROB: Alert. I am receiving a transmission from Fox.
ROB: He will meet us on Titania.
SLIPPY: I wonder if he managed to patch things up with Krystal?
FALCO: Yeah, well, there's one way to find out. Set a course for Titania!
FALCO: Catch you later, Bill.
BILL: Thanks again, Falco! Slippy!
BILL: Say hello to Fox from me!


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