Asteroid Belt: Missile Attack!

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Pre Battle Dialog

ROB: We are receiving an urgent message.
ROB: It is from Commissioner Beltino.
BELTINO: Fox! Please respond!
BELTINO: This is Commissioner Beltino Toad.
SLIPPY: Dad! You're OK!
SLIPPY: That's great news!
BELTINO: Oh! Is Slippy there, too? Hello, son!
SLIPPY: Hey! Of course I'm here!
FOX: Commissioner! I'm glad you are unhurt!
BELTINO: Get here as quickly as you can! I've got something important to tell you!
FOX: Roger that! We'll set a course too your location.
FOX: Take care, Commissioner!
BELTINO: OK! I'll be waiting for you.
SLIPPY: Wait there, Dad! I'll be there soon!
SLIPPY: But first, we need to do something about the enemies in this sector!
FOX: Let's get every last core!
FOX: ROB! Prep all ships for launch!
ROB: Consider it done.

In Battle Events

SLIPPY: They've made it all the way to the asteroid belt!
SLIPPY: I don't believe it!
FOX: This may be the most dangerous foe we've ever faced.
* Falco appears. *
FALCO: Sorry for making ya wait, Foxie!
FOX: Late again, Falco?
FALCO: Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm behind schedule. But don't worry!
FALCO: I was equipping my Sky Claw with a Multi-lock!
FOX: Good flying, gents!
FALCO: What was that?!
* Bio Brain appears. *
FALCO: Usually, I love every dogfight, but that one was unpleasant.
SLIPPY: The important thing is that we made it through.
FOX: All enemy contacts destroyed. Let's get back to the station!

Post Battle Dialog

BELTINO: You made it! Aw, look! The whole gang's here!
SLIPPY: Are you OK, Dad?
BELTINO: I'm great, Son! Outta bed and full of beans!
BELTINO: But more importantly, I have come across some critical information.
FOX: What do you mean?
BELTINO: It's about those dastardly Anglars!
BELTINO: They're building a base on the floor of the Venom Sea!
SLIPPY: That's nuts! Everyone knows the Venom Sea is extremely acidic!
SLIPPY: Nothing can survive down there!
BELTINO: I'm sure you remember that villain Andross.
BELTINO: Well, I think he has something do to with this!
FOX: Andross?!
BELTINO: Andross deployed a new bioweapon on Venom.
BELTINO: He's used it to evolve himself and seize control of localized life-forms!
FOX: Wait, wait. You're saying this bioweapon contains Andross's DNA?
FOX: And that is causes living creatures to follow his orders?
FOX: That's bad news!
FOX: So what does that mean for us?
BELTINO: That's harder to say... but we know Andross is fiercely intelligent.
BELTINO: And when you combine that with his lust for power...
BELTINO: I think you're in for a fight like nothing you've faced before!
FOX: Why do we ALWAYS have to fight this loser?
FALCO: Yeah, yeah. Enough talk! Let's blow somethin' up!
FALCO: Fox, are you really gonna head to Venom with just two wingmen?
FALCO: Don't you need Krystal's help, too?
FOX: ...
FALCO: I heard a rumor that the Cornerian Air Force has itself a hot new pilot!
FALCO: And by hot, I don't just mean talented! Heh heh! ...Man, I'm hilarious!
SLIPPY: Yeah, so, Fox...
SLIPPY: Falco's a jerk, but he's right. You need to patch things up with Krystal.
BELTINO: I agree, Fox. Now, I don't need to know all the details...
BELTINO: But I know the future of Lylat is in your hands!
BELTINO: It's time to bury the hatchet and move on.
BELTINO: Isn't your job to bring out the best in your team?


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Post Choice Dialog

BELTINO: Okeydokey! Let's give Fox's Arwing an upgrade!
BELTINO: This'll really make those Anglars panic!
FOX: Thanks, Commissioner!
BELTINO: This is called a Multi-lock.
BELTINO: It lets you lock on to multiple enemies at once!
SLIPPY: You're the best, Pops! You think of everything!
BELTINO: Good luck out there!
FOX: Thank you!